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150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs - $40.00
Mary Jane Mucklestone. This book creates authentic designs and patterns with actual size swatches, charts and colorways. Aimed at both the experienced and beginner knitter, this pattern book is an inspiring collection of beautiful and traditional Scandivanian two-color knitting. Each pattern has a clear life-size photograph as well as an easy-to-read black and white chart, and there are 4 stunning beginners projects as well. Pb.

200 Ripple Stitch Patterns: Exciting Patterns to Knit and Crochet - $30.00
Jan Eaton. New and experienced knitters and crocheters will discover all the instruction and inspiration they need to create amazing afghans, scarves, pillow, wraps and blankets in this exciting new guide. An extensive directory covers 200 ripple-stitch patterns and variations, describes the techniques used, and the level of experience required to complete each project. There are also tip for combining various types of yarns to create projects featuring a kaleidoscope of color. 128pp. Pb.

25 Knitted Accessories to Wear and Share - $19.00
Interweave. This collection of cozy patterns has been lovingly curated from a roster of incredible authors and designers and brought together in a single book. No matter what level of knitter you are you will find plenty of standout projects to make and love: from warm socks to delicate shawls; from colorful mitts to scarf and hat sets. Most projects can be knit up quickly to become timely gifts. Offering classic styles with some modern twists this book truly offers something for everyone. 128pp. Pb.

9 Months of Knitting - $25.00
Alexa Ludeman & Emily Wessel. From striking lace and cables, to comforting knit and purl, 9 Months of Knitting has patterns for knitters of every level. Baby leg-warmers, a grandpa cardigan, and a hand-knitted undersea garden: Alexa and Emily have created patterns with a signature mix of retro quirkiness and playful attitude. 60pp. Pb.

A Gathering of Lace - $46.00
Meg Swanson. This is first and foremost a book of knitting projects for which the common thread is lace. This book was "gathered" with care and insight. The details are here - the small edgings clearly graphed that you could work up with or without the gorgeous shawl they finish, the artfully decorated calf of Nancy Bush's sock pattern that adds one more dimension of elegance to that pedestrian bit of knitting. Flawlessly diagramed instructions, clearly photographed, minutely described. There truly is something for everyone's taste, but more than that, there is much to be learned, much to be shared. 174pp, Pb.

A Knitter's Dozen: Scarves - $25.00
Knitters Magazine Editors. The best ideas for scarves from Knitter's Magazine are featured in this project book for knitters of all skill levels. Ranging from primarily functional pieces worn for their warmth to highly stylized accessories, and from simple one- or two-stitch creations to elaborately designed, multicolored variations, these 24 projects will appeal to those starting out with more ordinary yarns and stitches to those who yearn to experiment with luxurious yarns and complex, exotic stitches. The projects' detailed, visually appealing illustrations guide knitters through each step of the more complicated techniques. Ideas for customizing and personalizing the projects are provided for those seeking to create a more individual look. 80pp. Pb.

A Knitter's Gallery of Mitered Squares - $52.00
Jill Bigelow-Suttell & Jane Bigelow. This is a collection of 45 mitered squares containing color, texture and lace. The book starts with some basic information and instruction on knitting mitered squares. Then, it gives you a square chart and information on how to make it larger or smaller. 4 patterns give you practice combining different square designs, working squares in different directions, using squares as an accent on a garment and creating an entire garment with mitered squares. Use your imagination on the skills learned from the book and start creating your own squares and designs. Pb.

A Knitting Wrapsody (with DVD) - $34.00
Kristin Omdahl. The author is one of the most innovative designers working today, and in this book she showcases her signature motif designs and experimental construction in 18 original patterns - five scarves, six wraps, five shawls, and two skirts - that provide new ways to think about knitting pieces that wrap, drape, or tie. Unlike other wrap books, this collection offers some ingenious ways for wrapping your knitting, whether around the neck, shoulders, or waist. The designs for these garments are just what knitters are hungry for - inspirational, creative patterns that advance skills, explore shape and silhouette, and are beautiful to wear year-round. All of the garments incorporate interesting elements, from reversible stitch patterns and unique knitted edgings to interesting closures. Each project is knitted, but much of the aesthetic draws inspiration from the geometry, motifs, and techniques of crochet. With her passionate attention to stitch detail and one-of-a-kind motif designs, Kristin offers a wide range of projects in A Knitting Wrapsody for a variety of skill levels and time commitments. Expand your wardrobe with bold, stylish shapes and add form-flattering pieces perfect for layering. 136pp. Pb.

A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns: Charted Knitting Designs - $58.00
Barbara Walker.A fabulous collection of knitting patterns in which the author gives examples of some new techniques she has developed. There are 350 designs with a photo and directions for each. Using charted designs seems to have given her an added freedom in design potential that is virtually limitless in its variations. Examples of textures, cables, lace and delightful little animal figures abound. There is a chapter on mosaic patterns. Profusely illustrated. 269pp. Pb.

A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns - $55.00
Barbara G Walker. If you are wondering about Treasuries 1-3, then this publication will introduce you to one of the most valuable series of knit stitch pattern collections ever. All the author's knitting books have been transferred to Elizabeth Zimmerman's Schoolhouse Press, who has reorganized one of her later pamphlets with some unpublished work into this new Treasury. Treasury is the best word for this collection of samples and charts for original lace, cable, mosaic, and knit-purl texture knit patterns. Start or complete your collection of Barbara Walkers. Pb. Unicorn.

Adorable Knits For Tots - $21.00
Zoe Mellor. From whimsical flower power cardigans and lacy sweaters to adorable blankets, colourful mittens, and even a robin hood jacket, Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots contains 25 irresistible knitting projects suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to more experienced. These stylish, contemporary designs, shared by author Zoe Mellor and appealing to modern tastes and fashions, will delight every child. To ensure successful completion, each projects feature a materials list, measurement tables - including chest, length, and sleeve seam - tension settings, and tips and hints. Charts display colour variations to suit girls and boys and thoroughly map designs and edging patterns such as strawberries, daisies and pirates. 128pp. Pb.

Animal Hats To Knit - $24.00
Luise Roberts. Go wild and unleash your creativity. Knit the ferociously fun animal hats featured in Animal Hats to Knit. You will love this menagerie of 20 adorable knitted hats in a whole range of delightful designs, from silly to fierce - to help express your animal instincts. Whether it's a funky fox, huggable bear, or a silly grasshopper, these knit projects will appeal to the young and young at heart. Make a hat for every member of your family: Rabbit, Zebra, Cat, Dog, Ladybird, Mouse, Penguin, Eagle, and more. Each project is easy-to-follow. The animal hat projects are all clearly laid out with: Sizes included for children and adults; Comprehensive techniques section with over 30 illustrations; Adorable photographs (147 in all!); Easy-to-follow pattern; Concise step-by-step instructions to provide you with all the know-how you'll need. 112pp. Pb.

Annetarsia Knits - $76.00
Anne Berk. This is a reference book for the Intarsia technique, presented in a fresh, informative and comprehensive format. Knitters have traditionally shied away from intarsia due to the annoyance of dealing with multiple yarn supplies on the needle, and weaving all of the ends. “Annetarsia” gives knitters easy options to manage those issues, so that they can get to the fun stuff; painting pictures on their knitting without stranding. Intarsia creates a flexible, lightweight fabric, wonderful for garments. The book begins with extensive instruction on technique, tools to make it easier, and intuitive ways to deal with problems that may occur. Photography illustrates each step. Then, there are 2 workshops with fun and useful projects to practice skills. “In the Kitchen” has patterns for a potholders worked in stockinette and garter stitch intarsia, and an oven mitt worked in the round (ITR). Worsted weight wool is recommended for ease of knitting, and feltability. “In the Loo” patterns for stockinette and garter stitch intarsia are washcloths, and the ITR project is a soap bag. Worsted weight cotton is recommended. “Yarn gauge” is introduced here, a new technique which enables knitters to measure how much yardage is needed for each intarsia section. Now that the knitter has intarsia skills, they are fully prepared to knit projects. Easy, fun to knit designs for hats, mitts, socks, pillows, scarves, and garments are presented with detailed photos and complete instruction. At the top of each pattern, a table lists skills needed for the pattern, and where to find those pages in the book. Charts are detailed with yarn supplies needed, where new ones are added, and how much yardage is required for each section. 224pp. Hb.

Arm & Finger Knitting - $34.00
Laura Strutt. If you like large-scale knits or you appreciate the bigger stitches and open texture you can achieve by knitting with your arms or fingers, then you will find plenty of inspiration in this book. Breaking free from the constraints of normal needle sizes, Laura Strutt demonstrates how to do all the usual stitches and techniques using just your arms and hands, from plain garter stitch to moss stitch, increasing and decreasing,and knitting with two or more strands of yarn at a time. To make the best use of the unique texture and scaleof no-needle knitting, she has designed 35 stylish projects for you to make, for the home and to wear. There are stylish arm-knitted scarves and cowls, and a simple stool cover, but also finger-knitted wall art and even jewellery. You can arm-knit a blanket in under an hour, or create a stylish gilet from three rectangles of knitting in toning neutral shades. It's no wonder there is so much interest in arm and finger knitting when you can get spectacular results in such a short time. 112pp. Pb.

Arm Knitting - $22.00
Amanda Bassetti. Too little time and patience, cumbersome needles, and fiddly stitches often make knitting seem out of reach for the busy crafter. But what if you could fashion sumptuous, chunky knits in less than 30 minutes using only a few skeins of yarn and your own arms? Arm knitting is the latest technique to inspire a crafting craze, making a range of projects faster than you ever thought possible. Arm Knitting gives you all the techniques and instructions to satisfy your no-needle needs. Complete with 30 projects, there's plenty to try - from soft and snugly scarves and cowls to fingerless gloves, boot cuffs, throws, blankets, and more. Each project includes clear instructions and an easy-to-follow step-by-step format with helpful photography throughout. Learn the basics and then move onto a range of arm knitting stitches and projects. The possibilities are endless. 128pp. Pb.

Arm Knitting - $17.00
Linda Zemba Burhance. Arm knitting (in which big yarn loops are “cast on” just below the knitter’s wrists, then woven without needles to make chunky scarves and cowls) is the latest knitting craze. Especially popular among the teen and tween set, arm knit scarves and cowls knit up quickly (an hour or less) and require just a skein or two or of yarn. 32pp. Pb.

Arne & Carlos: Easter Knits - $22.00
Arne & Carlos. The holidays give us leave to dress up our home — to arrange centerpieces and hang window decorations, to indulge in a bit of whimsy or frivolity we might otherwise deny ourselves. Scandinavian knitting designers Arne and Carlos are fast becoming the go-to gurus when it comes to holiday style. Their fabulous first book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit is an international smash hit, and now they’re back, this time with Easter on the brain. Arne and Carlos provide a delightful collection of knit eggs, bunnies, and chicks, staying true to their taste for designs based on traditional Scandinavian knitwear, but giving them a fun, quirky twist by scaling them down into quick, small projects. In no time at all you, too, can enjoy the results of your knitting needles and these unique patterns: novel, handmade Easter ornaments, decorations, and dolls, perfect to lend charm to your abode while bringing a smile to your face. 65pp.Hb.

A-Z of Knitting - $32.00
Country Bumpkin Publications. From Aran knitting to Fair Isle, from Entrelac to Intarsia, this book will tell you almost everything there is to know about this beautiful and practical craft. Starting with the basics, we teach you about the different types of tools and the wonderful array of yarns that are available today. We give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions for various ways to hold the yarn and needles, cast on and cast off, work basic stitches, increase and decrease, make buttonholes, knit bands, read and adapt patterns, finish off, fix mistakes and care for your knitted garments. And then there's more ... learn about knitting in the round, loop knitting, Shaker knitting, slanted knitting, lace knitting, and much more. Be inspired to embellish your knitting with surface embroidery, Swiss darning, smocking, beads and sequins. 156pp. Pb.

Baby and Toddler Knits - $19.00
Debbie Bliss. Here is a range of 20 designs for young children which includes hats, bootees, throws, and cardigans for babies, little jackets and dresses for toddlers, a rugby shirt for pre-schoolers, and a cable sweater for children up to age 7. All are knitted in Debbie’s favorite yarns which are smooth and gentle on the skin. Many use cotton, the perfect material for kids as it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it a great all-year-round yarn. Some knits also use the ever-popular baby cashmerino, which combines the softness of cashmere with practical wash-and-wear qualities. The 20 patterns include lightweight garments perfect for the summer and cozy winter sweaters, jackets and hats. An illustrated techniques section will guide you through all the techniques you’ll need, and, where appropriate, there are also detailed charts. 96pp. Pb.

Baby Beanies - $14.00
Debby Ware. Sweet and sassy baby knit patterns that will bring a smile to your face! 7 adorable patterns include: Birthday Cupcake Cap, Baby Beastie Beanie, Greenie Beanie, Fancy Scrumptious Beanie, Pretty-in-Pink Cap, Peppermint Candy Cap, and Wee Wild One. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure success for knitters of all skill levels, and each original pattern has a whimsical twist both moms and kids will love. 32pp. Pb.

Baby Booties and Socks: 50 Knits For Tiny Toes - $34.00
Frederique Alexandre. This is a fabulous book full of contemporary designs for cute shoes, bootees, socks and even leg warmers. The patterns are divided into sections: Special Occasions, Fun, Cold Weather, Warm Weather and Cosy Socks. Most of the designs are knitted, a few are crocheted - how-to instructions are given at the back of the book. Each design is photographed on its own page followed by clear instructions. Patterns include simple stitches, through to stripes, ribs, cables, to lace and animal designs. Each pattern has multiple sizes from birth to 2 years, but most from 3-6 months. On the front cover flap is a useful ruler, on the back cover flap is a handy abbreviations chart. Our favourite design? The teeny tiny legwarmers, which are just adorable and so toasty for tots. Most of the designs are knitted with two needles with a seam but there are approx a third which can be knitted in the round with double pointed needles. The book also contains a few crocheted booties and socks. 160pp Pb.

Best In Show: 25 More Dogs To Knit - $20.00
Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne. The authors are back with 25 even more fabulous dog designs. You can knit your own precious pet, reproduce your favourite breed, or even knit the dog you have always desperately wanted. The dogs are surprisingly easy to make. It will only take a few evenings to create a covetable companion for life. Patterns include Chihuahua, Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frisee and Cairn. Idiosyncratic descriptions of the various breeds accompany beautiful photography, making this book irresistible for both keen knitters and devoted dog-lovers. 176pp. Hb.

Beyond Wool - $15.00
Candace Eisner Strick. Working on the premise that a luxury fiber needs a project that enhances its special qualities, Eisner Strick designs 25 garments explicitly for their source skeins. Silk's natural sheen is enhanced by a two-toned star-stitch twinset, an azure-toned shell peeking through a sky-blue lace jacket. A nibble of cashmere, in a beaded cuff, gives a starving knitter just a little taste of the great stuff; if your pocketbook allows, gorge on a gorgeous chevron-lace cardi. Ribbed cables lend stretch to a llama blend. Angora's halo fluffs up a smocked vest and fingerless gloves. Linen knits up into a sturdy market bag as bright as a battalion of international flags. Qiviut, cotton, hemp...pick your poison. 144pp. Pb.

Boho Baby Knits - $24.00
Kat Coyle. Groovy patterns for cool tots. Inspired by avant-garde literature, punk rock lyrics, and psychedelic art—and designed for tots with style and attitude—Boho Baby Knits is a fun, smart, and creative guide for bohemian parents to knit up projects with personality. From baby leg warmers that exude mod glamour to a striped vest perfect for the sandbox salon set, Boho Baby Knits is on the kids’ scene with 25 colorful and offbeat designs to knit and wear any time of year. 143pp. Hb.

Brave New Knits - $18.00
Julie Turjoman. This book by Julie Turjoman, cofounder of, is the first book to celebrate the convergence of traditional hand-knitting and modern technology. The Internet has made it possible for the knitting community to connect through photos, pattern-sharing, and blogs that document the knitting projects and passions of dozens of designers and enthusiasts. With a Foreword written by Jessica Marshall Forbes, co-founder of, Brave New Knits includes 26 garment and accessory patterns, all gorgeously photographed by knitting celebrity Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. Contributors range from established designers like Norah Gaughan, Wendy Bernard, Anne Hanson, and knitgrrl Shannon Okey, to rising stars such as Melissa Wehrle, Connie Chang Chinchio, and Hilary Smith Callis. In-depth interviews with the designers reveal their design philosophy and passions. From shapely sweaters and delicate shawls to fingerless gloves and stylish hats, each of the knitted designs features detailed directions and charts to inspire both the beginner and experienced knitter. 256pp. Pb.

Bright Young Things - $27.00
Millamia. This book celebrates colour with a vibrant collection of baby and children's knitting patterns, inspired by clashing patterns and playful, quirky designs. Featuring patterns for dresses, jumpers, cardigans, outerwear, accessories, babygrows and blankets, for babies and toddlers up to age 5. With patterns suitable for beginners and the more experienced knitter. 112pp. Pb.

The Cable Knitters Guide - $47.00
Denise Samson. Cables are beautiful and fun to knit - but if you've never worked one before, it's hard to know where to start! The Cable Knitter's Guide is divided into two parts: The first introduces 50 elegant variations on the basic cable, from the elegantly simple to the eyecatchingly complex, all accompanied by detailed photographs, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions. Novices in need of even more guidance can follow the links provided in the book to a series of YouTube videos of the author herself demonstrating how to work each cable included! The second section forms a collection of 25 patterns for garments, accessories, and furnishings, each using one or more of the cables introduced earlier to add a little something extra to these delightful, striking designs. Welcome to the complete book of cable knitting! 177pp. Hb.

Classic Collection: Sasha Kagan - $39.00
Sasha Kagan. Iconic knitwear designer Sasha Kagan treats readers to a fascinating retrospective of her work from the past four decades in this beautifully presented collection of women's knitwear. Known for her innovative use of color, intarsia design work, and striking patterns, Sasha's designs transcend fashion trends and have become classic pieces in their own right. Updated and reworked in gorgeous contemporary yarns, these 20 sweaters, wraps, and jackets are just as wearable today as they were when they were created. The collection spans from 1969 to 2009, with five patterns representing each decade. In addition, swatches, magazine articles, and photographs are included to recreate the original design context for the pieces. Also included are essays by knitwear design notables like Trish Malcolm from "Vogue," and British designers Steven Sheard and Susan North. 160pp. Hb.

Classic Knits: More Than 100 Beautiful Projects - $35.00
DK Publishing. An all-in-one guide to knitting for just about anything and everything knitters want to make, Classic Knits covers equipment, techniques, stitch patterns, and includes more than twenty designs for cute things to craft and warm things to wear. Whether it's a new earflap hat or bright, cozy socks, Classic Knits will be the knitting "recipe book" crafters keep on their shelves for years to come. 320pp. Hb.

The Close Knit Gang: Modern Baby and Children's Knitting Patterns - $34.00
Millamia. This is an exclusive collection of baby and children's knitting patterns shaped by a timeless, elegant, vintage style. The patterns in this book cater for all levels of knitters from the absolute beginner to the more experienced looking for a challenge. Covering a variety of sizes, ranging from the newborn baby, to toddlers and young children. 100pp. Pb.

Color Style - $34.00
Pam Allen. Color work is a popular form of knitting for projects of all types and complexity. Knitting is more fun when two or more colors are used and gives the knitter an opportunity to learn new techniques. From simple repeating stripes to intricate Fair Isle patterns, two or more colors can add life and dimension to garments and accessories. Color Style, following in the footsteps of Bag Style, Folk Style, and Wrap Style – with gorgeous patterns, luscious lifestyle photographs, and step-by-step instructions – features classic and innovative use of traditional color techniques by top knitwear designers that will be a welcome library addition for beginner and experienced knitters alike. From an easy-to-knit pullover that alternates narrow stripes of solid and variegated yarns to a multicolored Fair Isle cardigan worked with steeks, readers will find loads of practical projects and inspiration from fifteen top knitwear designers including Veronik Avery, Mags Kandis, Deborah Newton, Kristin Nicholas, Shirley Paden, and more. In addition to seventeen inventive patterns, the Design Notebook chapter details the fundamental ways to incorporate color into knitting. Learn the secrets to successful Fair Isle, intarsia, and slip stitch or how different techniques can be used in combination for outstanding results. Soon you’ll be on your way to designing your own colorful masterpieces! Even if you’re a beginning knitter, shows easy ways to achieve colorful effects in your knitting. 144pp. Pb.

Colorwork Knitting - $45.00
Sarah E White. In fashion the right colors - and the right combinations - can make the difference between pretty and pretty spectacular! But what makes a winning color combination? Whether you know instinctively or need a little help, Colorwork Knitting gives you the tools you need to explore your love of color and takes the fear out of multicolor knitting. 25 patterns for gorgeous colorwork scarves, gloves, mittens, sweaters, hats, and socks. Five different color techniques - striping, striping with self-striping yarn, slip stitch, stranded, and intarsia - explained, with step-by-step instructions. How to choose colors for successful combinations. Construction techniques to spice up your knitting. 114pp. Pb.

Continuous Cables - $28.00
Melissa Leapman. Expert knitwear designer Melissa Leapman goes beyond traditional, ordinary cables, providing knitters with an original collection of projects and stitch patterns featuring beautiful, closed-ring cables. Melissa includes an abundance of step-by-step instructions on general techniques, 20 patterns, and more than 100 cable stitches for closed-ring designs — curlicues, rings, swirls, knots, and even intricate Celtic-inspired motifs. Projects include everything from simple starters and home accents to women's clothing and gifts. 192pp. Hb.

Cozy Series: Coffee Cozies - $24.00
What does the well-dressed coffee pot wear? All knitters are sure to have their favorite among the 30 colorful, fun designs in this great new addition to the popular Cozy series. The cozies — all created and contributed by the readers of Knitting magazine — use a wide range of techniques, including intarsia and 3D embellishments, and even include several crochet designs and a delightful felted cozy. And because cozies are small and quick to knit, this is not just an instruction book for creating one-of-a-kind conversation pieces and charming gifts — it’s a great place for beginners or experienced knitters to polish their skills and learn new techniques. 156pp. Pb.

Cozy Series: Hats - $24.00
These 30 hats, from the classic and chic to the cute and quirky, will delight knitters and put the perfect finishing touch on any outfit. Many of the brilliantly imaginative designs were created by readers of "Knitting" magazine and showcase the designers' great eye for color and nifty skill with needles. Plus, they're easy, fun, and fast to knit - especially with the timesaving tips and special needlework techniques that add style and professional flair. 156pp. Pb.

Cozy Series: Knitted Cushions - $25.00
Alison Howard. Little Miss Muffet had no idea how gorgeous her tuffet could have been. Knitted Cushions offers the easiest way to add comfort and style to any home. Beautifully designed, custom throw pillows add a splash of instant life and vitality to a dull interior, while mass-produced pillows lack quality and style. Bursting with 178 bright and cheery step-by-step photographs, this book will give you inspiration for your new creative pursuit on every page. There's a cushion for every room with 30 different, delightful projects to make - ranging in shape and size (not just squares) - that are suitable for knitters of all abilities and easy to follow with 30 illustrations and charts for guidance. 156pp. Pb.

Cozy Series: Tea Cozies - $24.00
An essential accessory for your favorite teapot and the ultimate in homely comfort: tea cozies are a feel-good and fun way to enjoy tea! With many quirky examples to knit and crochet, culled from the pages of Knitting magazine, your teapot can be the talk of the town. The easy projects are accompanied by detailed patterns and instructions for how to create your own delightful cozies, and many of the suggestions can be made with spare bits of yarn lying around the home. Whatever your taste there will be something here to tempt you. From the classic rustic charm of a delightfully striped cozy to contemporary chic with a touch of kitsch (try the woolly sheep!), the world of tea cozies is just waiting to be discovered! Pb.

Cozy Series: Techno Cozies - $19.00
Sue Culligan. This title includes 30 knitted, crocheted, sewn and felted projects, varying in complexity, all from a UK author. Projects include cozies for ipods, laptops, computer screens and more. It is suitable for all abilities and featuring easy-to-follow patterns and a comprehensive, illustrated techniques section. Personalise your essential gadget or piece of technological wizardry with a striking handmade techno cozy. "Techno Cozies" is the ultimate cozy book with 30 projects covering four different crafts and numerous techniques. Choose from a funky collection of knitted, crocheted, felted or sewn cozies to add a stylish edge to your mobile phone, laptop or ipod. These fabulous designs, will appeal to all ages including teenagers, busy mums and high-flying executives and will make wonderful gifts for your family and friends. Each project is clearly set out with easy-to-follow patterns and concise instructions, providing you with all the know-how you will need. 156pp. Pb.

Custom Knits 2: More Top-Down and Improvisational Techniques - $33.00
Wendy Bernard. This book goes on from where the author left off in the bestselling "Custom Knits", empowering knitters to delve even further into customization. Each chapter begins with a tutorial on the featured topic — such as converting patterns to fit men, women, or children, or tricks and techniques for substituting yarn, gauge, and stitch patterns — and is followed by a selection of Bernard’s fashionable designs on which to try them. The patterns can be knit as-written or customized; specific prompts for customization are included throughout. Custom Knits 2 concludes with formulas for making garments without a pattern, using only body measurements as a guide — a graduation of sorts for adventurous knitters. 160pp. Hb.

Custom Knit Accessories - $19.00
Wendy Bernard. This is the third book in the Custom Knits series by acclaimed designer Wendy Bernard. While the first two books focused on techniques for customizing top-down sweaters, this one showcases the ever-popular quick-knits: hats, scarves, gloves, mitts, socks, and more. Each of Bernard’s 25 sassy-chic patterns offers specific ideas for customization — from switching out yarns to personalizing fit and style details — and fun, glamorous photographs show off the finished pieces. Also included are formulas for knitting all types of accessories without a pattern, using a single body measurement as a starting point. In true Custom Knits style, Bernard encourages knitters to unleash their inner designer every step of the way. 144pp. Pb.

Cute and Easy Baby Knits - $23.00
Susie Johns. This is a collection of 25 charming designs to keep little ones cosy and comfortable all year round. Discover classic designs for bootees and a bonnet to give to newborns or fresh, modern items like the textured tunic sweater using knit and purl stitches and the pretty skirt with daisy border and ribbed waistband. Make practical items that are certain to be a hit, such as the cellular blanket to wrap up a baby, or knit gifts for others, such as a big soft bear or bunting with bells on the tips that will jingle above a baby's bed. The projects are designed to be accessible to all as Susie Johns, an author of more than 30 books, uses her experience to create patterns that can be knitted by beginners as well as more competent crafters. A variety of techniques which give delicate detailing and eye-catching features to the knits are clearly explained in a handy section at the front of the book. 112pp. Pb.

Cute and Easy Knitting - $31.00
Fiona Goble. Learn how to knit by working through these adorable projects. Even beginners will be able to pick up a pair of needles and start making simple knitted items. Starting with the tools and materials chapter, you’ll learn every stitch you’ll need, all illustrated with helpful artworks. Then move onto the projects, which are grouped by skill level—“Getting Started,” “Getting Better,” and “Now You Are Really Good.” In the first chapter, find out how to make a cute cozy for your phone, a pretty heart garland to decorate your room, and a striped cushion cover. Moving on to the next level, there are sweet woodland-themed key rings and simple tablemats, as well as larger projects, such as a hot water bottle cover or book cover. Finally, try the patterns that are aimed at more experienced knitters—from a delicate tea light shade or draught excluder, to a backpack or throw. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful hints and tips throughout, you’re bound to want to knit all of these projects, both for yourself, and as gifts for friends. 128pp. Pb.

Cute Knits For Baby Feet - $17.00
Sue Whiting. Making socks for tiny feet is rewarding and fun - and quick and easy, too! Whether you prefer stripes or dots, lace or cable, flowers or balloons, you'll find plenty of favourite styles and new ideas among the 30 designs in this book. Patterns range from the traditional to the quirky. As all the projects are small, they are a perfect way of trying out new knitting techniques such as intarsia or Swiss darning. All of the patterns offer a variety of different sizes, so you can keep knitting from the moment your little one is born, right up until he or she is four years old. The yarns used have been specially selected for each design, keeping tiny toes cosy in the cold and cool in the summer. Most importantly, the socks are soft and comfortable for sensitive feet. And, as almost all these little socks need less than one ball of yarn, they are the perfect way to use up oddments you may have left over from bigger projects. 144pp. Hb.

Deborah Newton's Cable Collection - $32.00
Deborah Newton. Knitters will rediscover their passion for knitting with these 19 refreshingly original sweaters, coats, and accessories by this renowned designer. The designs offer something for every creative mood and fashion need, whether casual, dressy, elegant, or fun. Stylish, curvy cables characterize a classic cardigan, a cropped sweater, a lush mohair hoodie, a hobo-style shoulder bag, a beret with matching fingerless gloves, and other exciting designs. Deborah offers knitters such professional details as toggle closures, raglan sleeves, cap sleeves, zippers, slit pockets, and more. The 19 projects are a cabled toggle coat; cable textured cardigan; simple oversized raglan; easy beret and fingerless gloves set; textured pullover with center cables; lush mohair hoodie; boxy jacket; zipped cabled vest; classic dressy raglan; short cabled cardigan; hobo-style shoulder bag; simple garter pullover with bell sleeves; summer boatneck; cabled lace panel pullover; easy family sweaters (three styles for men, women, and children, with texture and stripes); and shawl-collared jacket for winter. 128pp. Pb.

Designs For Knitting Kilt Hose & Knickerbockers - $22.00
Veronica Gainford. The Dowager Lady Gainford has gathered over 50 designs for traditional Scottish stocking top turn-overs, including textures, cables, colour-patterns, lace and diced hose. And Schoolhouse Press has reprinted this gem of a book. 76pp. Pb.

Domino-Knitted Shawls - $48.00
P E Nikolajsen. Domino knitting is a very fascinating technique. It is quite simple. Normally you only have to work with a few stitches at a time. It enables you to work with special graphical expressions. And the result is attractive and exciting! The designs range from easy to quite complex. 80pp. Pb.

Double Knitting - $53.00
M'Lou Baber. The fascinating technique of Double Knitting produces a two-faced, negative-image fabric. This style of knitting has been simplified by the author to enable you to work both sides in a single pass. M'Lou's stunning designs for coats, jackets, and shawls are all easily accessible through detailed charts as well as written instructions. An extensive technical section along with a chapter of assorted practice items will help you fall into the rhythm of this increasingly popular type of hand-knitting.

Easy Beaded Knits - $23.00
Jeanette Trotman. Combine knit and purl stitches with sparkling beads and sequins to create your own beautifully embellished designs. This book features 20 stunning projects plus a range of beaded buttons, corsages, and trims. From simply shaped garments and bags to jewelry and home accessories, each project has an easy-to-use pattern, list of required yarns, bead and sequins, plus clear color photos to help both novice and experienced knitters create beautiful projects. Gain clear instruction and demonstration of basic skills, including: Holding needles; Casting on to working knit and purl stitches; Adding beads and sequins; Simple shaping and finishing techniques. 128pp. Pb.

Easy Knitted Accessories - $19.00
Jeanette Trotman. These 25 projects for scarves, hats, bags, gloves and socks have a fun, contemporary look and are fast and easy to knit. Readers are first led through the basics of the techniques (including knitting with color, knitting with beads, changing colorways and embroidery) and then the book moves on to step-by-step instructions, photos and illustrations for each project. Readers will enjoy creating accessories like baby booties, hats with earflaps, gloves with beads, funky beach bags, snuggly leg warmers and much more. Complete instruction on techniques allows the reader to learn from scratch or brush up on their skills. Full-color photos of each finished project inspire knitters to create and enjoy these great accessories. 128pp. Pb.

Easy Knitted Socks - $19.00
Amy Palmer. 14 easy to knit sock patterns. Explore the world of sock knitting with fun and fashionable designs for knitters of all experience levels. 48pp. Pb.

Easy Knitting Chic - $19.00
Add elegance and grace to your knitting projects with Interweaves favorites. These designs are modern and sophisticated. This book offers a large range of knitting techniques and styles to explore them in. 128pp. Pb.

Elizabeth Zimmerman's A-B-C-SJ SPP#5 (Adult Baby Child Surprize Jacket) Booklet - $18.00
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket has truly proven to be timeless, growing in popularity since its conception in 1968. The Jacket is knitted back and forth in Garter stitch, then cleverly folded and completed by weaving the shoulder seams. The updated pattern includes Elizabeth's original Baby Surprise Jacket instructions, and now - thanks to Elizabeth's grandson Cully - there are new instructions for custom sizing the Surprise Jacket for anyone: baby, child, or adult. Knit from row-by-row instructions for Elizabeth's original BSJ numbers, or follow step by step instructions to size your own with the dimensions, yarn, and gauge of your choice. Includes notes on color placement, options for hood, collar and more - plus instructions for EZ's Afterthought Pocket, One-Row buttonhole and more. The print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector.

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around - $53.00
Elizabeth Zimmerman. For those of you who know of Elizabeth Zimmerman and her no nonsense, yet simple and practical approach to knitting, you'll really enjoy this book. Part knitting instruction book, (it is the companion book to the Wool Gathering Video Series) and part autobiography, it provides you with directions for making a moccasin sock and other stockings, a Fair Isle yoke sweater, knitted dickeys and a very warm hat, the Pie Are Square Shawl, a Norwegian pullover, an Aran coat, and more. Hb.

Entree to Entrelac - $32.00
Gwen Bortner. Revisiting a forgotten technique, this resource guides knitters through the steps, skills, and concepts necessary for mastering etrelac stitching. Though this way of knitting may intimidate beginning crafters, this reference explains the simple ways to build an understanding of the basics, how to master advanced techniques, and even combine entrelac with other knitting methods. Projects include scarves, bags, mittens, slipper socks, hats, and other garments, all worked in a wide range of yarn types. 160pp. Pb.

Everyday Lace - $32.00
Heather Zoppetti. Learn how to knit lace patterns meant for everyday life. Knitters love lace patterns and want to add lace to their wardrobe in pretty yet non-fussy ways. In this collection of 18 garments and accessories, using lace motifs for edging is only the beginning. Author Heather Zoppetti shows how to knit lace into feminine garments meant for daily wear: as a simple panel insert, as edgings and bands, and in an increasingly all-over manner. Simple shaping and construction are the rule here, letting lace take center stage. Heather's work features thoughtful construction such as linen-stitch bands to prevent awkward stretching and shoulder slippage, mock cables to play up a raglan shoulder, and reversible stitch patterns on garments that show both sides. Hidden among the collection of lovely garments is a thorough introduction to the basics of lace knitting, including various cast-ons and bind-offs appropriate for lace knitting. Throughout the book, Heather offers tips designed to help the novice knitter. Pb.

Everything the Internet Didn't Teach You About Knitting - $14.00
Rita Weiss. Explains what yarns to buy for various projects. Lists the necessary supplies, including types and sizes of needles (straight, double point, circular, etc.). Tells how to do increasing and decreasing. Explains abbreviations and symbols, as well as how to read patterns. Teaches various finishing techniques, such as binding off, weaving in yarn ends, making seams, and blocking. 96pp. Pb.

Fashionista Arm Knitting - $17.00
Linda Zemba Burhance. Fresh on the heels of Taunton's first booklet on the subject, Arm Knitting, this follow-up deals with really expanding the project pool to introduce more variety into the craft. Arm knitting isn't just for scarves-you can create high-end fashionable tops, vests and capes as well, for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay to purchase in a store. This booklet features new Lion Brand, Bernat, and Red Heart yarns, along with clear instructions for each project and trouble-shooting advice for new-to-the-craft knitters. A range of difficulties from beginner to advanced are sure to appeal to new and advance arm knitters alike. 32pp. Pb.

Faux Taxidermy Knits - $34.00
Louise Walker. Faux taxidermy is the hottest trend in craft and now you can knit your own animal heads and tiger rugs without any animals being injured! This fun and contemporary debut book from knitting fanatic, Louise Walker, teaches you how to make your very own wild knits with an ironic twist. Faux Taxidermy Knits is packed full of 15 projects of wild and woolly animals to knit. Split into two sections - wearables and habitat - this book includes knitting patterns from mounted animal heads and rugs to stoles and mittens for the modern, young knitter looking for something different and new to make. 128pp. Pb.

Fearless Fair Isle Knitting - $26.00
Kathleen Taylor. Why "fearless"? In the past, knitters have considered Fair Isle knitting, or stranded knitting as it's also known, to be an advanced style that involves the frightening task of taking scissors to your hard-won work. As intimidating as this may seem, the cutting process, or steeking, is actually not something to worry about. In "Fearless Fair Isle Knitting," best-selling knitwear designer Kathleen Taylor walks knitters of all levels through the technique. With Taylor's simple patterns and large, easy-to-follow charts, the projects yield delightfully vibrant results. The 30 stunning designs, which represent Taylor's updates on classic Fair Isle motifs, include sweaters, socks, dresses, vests, mittens, hats, and bags. With this book, Fair Isle knitting has become more accessible than ever and that's a beautiful thing. 176pp. Pb.

First Book of Modern Lace Knitting - $21.00
Marianne Kinzel. Thorough, fully illustrated instructions for a beautiful array of lace patterns. Easily-learned, low-cost fundamental methods for over 25 distinctive projects, including Rose Leaf, English Crystal, Mosaic, Coronet, Valentine, Celandine, more. Includes diagrams, charts and photographs of completed articles. 92pp. Pb.

Floral Knits - $25.00
Martin Storey. Inspired by lush garden flowers here are 25 gorgeous knitted garments and accessories from top Rowan designer Martin Storey. The projects offer a mix of designs, some with applied flowers and others with floral designs knitted into them, others with the designs embroidered on top. The wearables range from sweaters, boleros and shrugs to scarves, bags, and berets. There is also a small bouquet of delightful home accessory projects, like cushions and throws so you can also festoon your home with spring blooms. Photographed on location, the stunning full-color pictures are fresh and pretty, and the styles are right in tune with current knitting fashion trends. All the projects are made with yarns from Rowan. 144pp. Pb.

Folk Mittens - $25.00
Marcia Lewandowski. 38 mittens featured in this great book. All techniques are diagrammed, from cast ons to finishing; 5 thumb methods and how to change sizes are included. Lovikka, Bohus, and Tyrolean. All are beautifully photographed in colour and the charts are excellent. 120pp, Pb. Unicorn.

Freeformations - $40.00
Jenny Dowde. Her second book will take some of the mystery out of the freeform concept and give you lots of ideas for creating your own unique designs. 25 wonderful projects will put you well on your way to creating your own masterpieces and enjoying your creative journey. 192pp. Pb.

French Girl Knits - $20.00
Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. This book has sensuously feminine, superbly fitted garments, fashioned in luxurious yarns, using innovative seamless construction methods. It centers on four thematic vignettes inspired by French daily life, film, and history that use dramatically different types of yarns, colors, and stitch patterns: Enfant Sauvage (Wild Child), La Boutique Parisienne (A Vintage Dress Shop in Paris), Dans La Rue (Street Wear), and Creatrice (Creative Woman). A Design Workshop features in-depth tutorials that teach Kristeen's seamless construction methods featured in the book, providing valuable technical information for both beginning and seasoned knitter. The need for sewing seams has been almost completely eliminated by fashioning patterns in one piece from start to finish.Techniques involve constructing the garment in a more organic way either from the top down, from the hem up, from the back out, and picking up and using live stitches when possible. Another key element in the patterns is the silhouette. All of Kristeen's designs are body conscious and figure flattering. Many designs include curve-friendly waist shaping, empire-waist detailing, and stitch details that emphasize the feminine form. Inspired by historical costume, she uses unique detailing such as lacing, openwork, lace edgings, and bell sleeves to further highlight the silhouette. 160pp. Pb.

Glam Knits - $25.00
Stefanie Japel. "Glam Knits" showcases 25 patterns utilizing specialty embellished yarns as well as truly luxe fibers like rich, thick cashmeres; angelic angoras; and delicate silks.The sophisticated haute eveningwear pieces include camisoles, dresses, skirts, blouses, coats, wraps and accessories knit from luxurious fibers. The silhouettes for these pieces are straight from the runway, without being overly trendy or easily dated. The timeless Glam Knits aesthetic is inspired by designers like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Luella Bartley and Stella McCartney. The photography is high-fashion, but the look is glamour at its most sassy, young and wearable. Patterns feature a wide variety of knitting techniques, including top-down construction, set-in sleeves, side-to-side knitting, hand-stitching and embellishment, beaded knitting, lacework and all-over stitch patterns. 144pp. Pb.

Gorgeous Knitted Afghans - $20.00
Fatema, Khadija and Hajera Habibur-Rahman. From classic to trendy, from summer throws to wintertime wrap-ups, from baby blankets to sofa-back decorations, these 33 fantastic original afghan designs will please any taste and fill any need. And, they’re great projects for even the beginning knitter, because there’s no fitting and no armholes: just knit away and you have a gorgeous handcrafted item to enjoy and share. The full-color photos, knitting charts, and easy-to-follow instructions will inspire anyone to make the luxurious Wintry Nights afghan, pretty, beaded Perfect Pearls project, and a bright Fiesta afghan, knitted from hand-painted wools. Knitters hoping to expand their skills will also find tips on creating a large-scale project, and on working with others in a fun-filled knitting group. 128pp. Pb.

Graphic Knits - $35.00
Alexis Winslow. Go bold with gorgeous graphic color. The author makes use of color-knitting techniques such as stripes Fair Isle intarsia and slipped stitches to create visually appealing garments. A collection of twenty patterns featuring modern color work inspired by geometric motifs. 136pp. Pb.

Greetings From Knit Cafe - $19.00
Suzan Mischer. When former CBS vice president Suzan Mischer decided to open a knitting store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, she wanted to create a place where people could gather, slow down, and talk (as well as buy supplies). The result was Knit Cafe, a sleek yet homey neighborhood yarn store in one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world. Colorful and chic, this book offers 30 of Knit Cafe’s most dazzling patterns for "California-style" projects ranging from hiking socks to a bikini to a "red carpet" gown. It also features stories about how the celebrated store came to be and how its eclectic clientele came to shape it. Even a few favorite recipes from regular customers are included. 144pp. Pb.

Hand-Knitted Nursery - $25.00
Melanie Porter. Create a cozy, colorful nursery for babies and toddlers with these brilliant patterns from a knitted interiors expert. Discover traditional items, such as booties and blankets, as well as contemporary uses of knitting from a knit-covered toy box to letter wall art. The projects will look great in your own home but also make a perfect gift for others. Includes a detailed techniques section, helpful to both beginners and experienced knitters. 128pp. Pb.

Happy Feet - $29.00
Cathy Carron. Popular knitwear designer Cathy Carron has gone from head (her bestselling Hattitude) to toe, with this unique collection of socks, stockings, legwarmers, slippers, sandal socks, and more. Perfect for advanced beginners and advanced knitters, the 35+ fashion-forward designs offer a variety of fun styles and challenges, including tube or spiral shapes, turned heels, afterthought heels, and toe-up. A helpful introduction gives readers a leg up on terminology, sizing, and fiber choices. 160pp. Pb.

Head To Toe Knits - $25.00
Bronwyn Lowenthal. Fashion knitwear designer Bronwyn Lowenthal has brought together this collection of 35 quick and stylish accessory designs that will add catwalk chic to your wardrobe, whatever the season, and whatever your personal style. With hats, scarves, neckwarmers, gloves, armwarmers, bags, belts, legwarmers and socks to choose from, you'll find the perfect piece for any event in your social calendar. The Lowie catwalk collections have a quirky appeal that fits in perfectly with today's eclectic fashions, and all the patterns are tried and tested and clearly written out, so you can easily have a go at something wonderful. Snuggle up in a simple snood, step out in style in gold peep-toe socks or keep cosy with a giant scarf - all the designs are fashion-forward as well as brilliantly wearable. With projects to suit all skill levels, a comprehensive techniques section and on-trend designs, your fingers are going to itch to knit. 128pp. Pb.

I Can't Believe I'm Entrelac Knitting - $22.00
Marlaina Bird. This book helps you learn the simple secrets of this classic technique! Marly Bird thoroughly explains entrelac knitting as you make a tablet cover. Additional projects include an afghan and pillow, hat, scarf and baby afghans. 48pp. Pb.

Increase Decrease: 99 Step-by-step Methods - $26.00
Judith Durant. The secret to knitting great-fitting hats and shaping elegant sleeves lies in using the right increase or decrease techniques. Offering 99 different methods for widening or narrowing your fabric, Judith Durant shows you how to shape all of your knitting projects to perfection. Approachable and insightful, Durant provides clear instructions and step-by-step photographs that showcase swatches for each technique. From working shaped lace to adjusting necklines, you’ll soon have a go-to strategy for successfully tackling knitting challenges of all shapes and sizes. 256pp. Sb.

Iris Schreier's Reversible Knits - $20.00
Iris Schreier. 24 exquisite projects and dozens of in-demand techniques that result in garments that look great on both sides. Using knit/purl, two-color, double knitting, cable, lace, and modular knitting methods, Iris creates beautiful shrugs, shawls, scarves, throws, hats, socks, and more. Some of the items actually have different looks on the front and back while others simply show the same clean, finished fabric throughout. Iris walks novices through all the essentials, then shares modern adaptations of classic stitches, illuminated by photos of hand-knitted swatches. As a bonus, there’s a super-handy yarn substitution chart and an appendix with extra variations for advanced knitters. 144pp. Pb.

Kids Knitted Sweaters & More - $32.00
Cabin Fever. Following their creed of minimal finishing, Deb and Lynda Gemmell and fellow Cabin Fever designers bring you more than 30 delightful fashions for children. Most of the designs are knit in one piece or constructed from one of three different directions. Choose a cozy pullover knit in the round from the bottom up or from the top down. Or choose a cardigan or vest made in one piece, working back and forth on a circular needle. These can also be knitted from the top down with no seams to sew. For something different, work a sweater from each of the cuffs and then join in the middle. There also is a poncho, beaded bag, tunic and hat, hoodie vest, and bare midriff slipover. Your special little ones will love wearing these amazing creations, which are great for experienced as well as beginning knitters. 110pp. Pb.

Knit & Purl Pets: 20 Patterns for Little Pets with Big Personalities - $24.00
Claire Garland. Patterns for pets include a menagerie of animals readers have always wanted to create. Many of the projects include knitting instructions for accessories such as a dog bed and yummy carrots for the rabbits. The patterns make ideal knitting for beginners and the more advanced, with knitting techniques ranging from easy knit and purl to sock knitting styles on double pointed needles. 128pp. Pb.

Knit & Wrap: 25 Capelets, Cowls & Collars - $31.00
Nathalie Mornu. Capelets, cowls, and collars — whether in a chunky knit or dainty lace — have been storming the fashion runways for the past few seasons, but knitting books have been slow to pick up the trend. This collection of 25 knitted projects is the first to focus exclusively on beautifying the neck and shoulders. There are romantic capelets that float and flutter about, bold collars, and high-drama cowls that frame the face when worn slipped over the head or that drape elegantly when pushed down. With these projects - done up in a variety of yarns with simple stitches and techniques such as cabling - knitters of all skill levels will soon see how so little fabric can convey so much. 120pp. Pb.

Knit 2 Together: Patterns and Stories for Serious Knitting Fun - $17.00
Mel Clark & Tracey Ullman. Tracey Ullman has been known for almost 20 years as an award-winning comedian, actress, writer, and producer, well-loved for her eccentric and iconoclastic humor. She is also an avid knitter, and she brings the same freewheeling spirit to her most recent production, a book she created with knitwear designer and yarn-shop owner Mel Clark. Although she has been knitting since the age of four, Ullman was, she says “helpless to make anything other than long, holey scarves” until she met Clark, who taught her how to follow a pattern and knit for real. 168pp. Pb.

Knit Cowls - $15.00
Lisa Gentry. Add more color and texture to your wardrobe with easy-wearing cowls! These 10 patterns to knit were created by talented designer Lisa Gentry, and they use a wide variety of yarns ranging from light weight to super bulky weight. Besides being warm and attractive, cowls are your practical choice. They are seamed or knit into one continuous piece, or buttoned together for wearing. So while a scarf or muffler has loose ends that must be rewrapped or retied- once you put on a cowl, it stays put beautifully! 36pp. Pb.

Knit Nordic - $43.00
Eline Oftedal. Traditional Nordic patterns have become all the rage, and this fashion-forward collection from designer Eline Oftedal offers a modern spin on four iconic Norwegian patterns: Marius, Voss, Setesdal, and Fana. Twenty contemporary projects range from an iPad and phone cover to a teddy bear and hot pants. Oftedal delves into the inspiration behind the designs, exploring their origins and worldwide appeal. 112pp. Hb.

Knit One Below - $32.00
Elise Duvekot. Knit One Below introduces a new and exciting way for knitters to combine colors, weights, fibers, and types of yarn into wonderfully flexible fabrics. The technique alternates one simple action, knitting into the stitch one row below the stitch on the needle, with either the basic knit or purl stitch. When worked in alternate rows of two colors or two yarns, columns of color appear on one side of the fabric and a mysterious integrated mix on the other. A strong group of projects for the entire family spotlights the technique. The shapes are simple, the finishing is minimal, and the fabrics will be worn and enjoyed. Although many are easy enough for new knitters, some projects go beyond the basic stitch, adding cables, felting for bags, working color in intarsia fashion, and swirling the columns into socks and hats. In addition to her clean, European sense of design, Elise brings solid knitting skills to finding just the right way to seam a shoulder or add a closure. These innovative details hold the interest even of experienced knitters. 164pp. Pb.

Knit Swirl - $56.00
Sandra McIver. Within the lavishly photographed pages of knit, Swirl!, designer Sandra McIver presents 18 designs that flatter all figures, each based on the innovative one piece, one seam circular construction she calls a “Swirl”. Using simple knitting techniques, she creates elegant sweater jackets in four dramatic silhouettes and three flexible sizes. Swirls are fun to style and may be worn in a variety of ways—some even upside down! Clear step-by-step pattern instructions and detailed schematics make knitting a Swirl a simple pleasure. Hb.

Knit The Sky: Cultivate Your Creativity With A Playful Way of Knitting - $34.00
Lea Redmond. Record the beauty, emotions, and experiences of everyday life - not in your journal but with your knitting needles! Author Lea Redmond offers 32 enchanting projects that will inspire you to create beautiful finished pieces full of personal meaning and memories. Stock up on shades of blue, gray, and white and knit one strip of a scarf each day for a year, using the color that matches the sky on that day. When you're done, you'll have a unique memento of your year better than anything you can keep in a scrapbook. Or when you're traveling, knit postcard-size swatches at each place you visit, using the colors you see around you. When the trip is over, piece the swatches together into a throw or scarf that will remind you of your journey every time you use it. Or knit a height-chart scarf for a beloved baby, starting with her length at birth and adding inches each year until you have the perfect gift for her 18th birthday. These are knitting projects like no other, resulting in one-of-a-kind heirlooms that tell a story only you can tell. Redmond provides instructions for all the stitches and techniques you need, as well as required patterns. 168pp. Hb.

Knit Vintage - $39.00
Madeline Weston & Rita Taylor. Knit Vintage offers a fantastic selection of more than 20 timeless designs based on original women's knitwear patterns from the 1930s to the 1950s. Drawing from their own extensive collections of vintage knitting patterns, the authors have chosen garments for their classic style and updated them to appeal to 21st century tastes. The patterns, which incorporate traditional stitch formations such as cables, lace, Fair Isle and other motifs, have been adapted to suit an array of gorgeous modern yarns in fashion-forward colours and sumptuous textures, including merino, angora, cotton, bamboo, cashmere, alpaca and silk. The five chapters 'Pretty Tops', 'Cute Cardigans', 'Starlet Sweaters', 'Twinsets & Two Pieces' and 'Finishing Touches' - include short-sleeve tops, cardigans, sweaters, twinsets, stockings, a beret, shawl and mittens. All feature classic touches that will appeal to anyone who loves the exquisite attention to detail found in vintage knitwear. Beautifully styled and photographed, this bespoke collection of 20 projects will delight every knitter and fashionista who appreciates the classic elegance of the original sweater girls and the retro silhouettes of the silver-screen starlets. 144pp. Hb.

Knit Your Own Dog: The Second Litter - $36.00
Sally Muir & Johanna Osborne. The knitted dog is an ideal pet — there's no feeding, barking, walking, or vet bills, and he'll live forever! Since the publication of Knit Your Own Dog, dog lovers have been howling for even more breeds to knit. This second volume includes easy-to-follow patterns for 25 all-new breeds, including a Beagle, Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier and 21 others. The dogs are surprisingly easy to make — with a few evenings of work you can have a covetable companion for life. Scores of photographs show the finished dogs, as well as close-up shots of their detailed and adorable features. Authors Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne also include brief accounts of the characteristics of each breed and offer tips and advice on sewing up the dogs. 160pp. Pb.

Knitgrrl 2 - $12.00
Shannon Okey. It used to be that springtime meant putting aside knitting and other cold-weather pursuits. No more. For Knitgrrls everywhere, warmer temperatures mean it’s time to slather on the sunblock and pack the beach bag with needles, yarn — and KnitGrrl2! From choosing yarn and holding needles, it’s a few short steps to making Ooh-La-La Flip-Flops, Blossom Headbands, Beach-Read Book Covers, and Cabana Beach Bags, plus twelve other fun-in-the-sun essentials. All projects are presented with easy-to-follow photos and directions. Knitgrrls will be thrilled to the tips of their needle-brandishing fingers with such extras as a quiz on finding their best colors and do-it-yourself projects on making needle holders and knitting journals. And where else can teens and tweens learn how to custom-dye yarn with Kool-Aid? Only in Knitgrrl 2 — sure to be the hottest beach book of the year! 96pp. Pb.

Knits Extraordinaire - $34.00
Lena Maikon. Whatever the weather, a knitter's entire year-round wardrobe can be found right here in this book of wonderfully wearable fashions from this designer. Fresh and trendy without being too edgy, this collection of 17 designs includes Winter, Summer, and in-between weight dresses, tops, skirts, sweaters, and more. Made with wonderful yarns like organic wool, alpaca, bamboo, eco-cotton, and more, these stylish patterns are sure to excite fashion-conscious knitters while at the same time offering them practical wardrobe pieces they will really be able to use in their everyday work and play lives. 128pp. Pb.

Knits For Hats, Gloves & Scarves - $17.00
Louisa Harding. There is something very comforting about being wrapped up against the winter elements, and this book offers a collection of desirable handknitted accessories that you won't want to be without. Whether you knit them for yourself or for your loved ones, you will find a project to inspire you. The designs are modern, stylish and fun; the patterns, easy, approachable and quick to knit. A simple knowledge of the most basic knitting skills is all you need to tackle the projects and there are plenty of helpful hints on how to adapt the designs for the whole family. When every accessory can be knitted in just a few hours you'll enjoy the knitting - and the wearing, wrapped up cosy and warm. 144pp. Pb.

Knits From a Painter's Palette: Modular Masterpieces in Handpainted Yarn - $34.00
Maie Landra. For more than a decade, Koigu Wool Designs has been a revered source for top-quality handpainted merino yarn and exquisite patterns. Its wools feature a unique and rich palette that’s as gorgeous as a painter’s. Now, the many needleworkers who are positively obsessive about Koigu can make 25 of the company’s best designs and learn more about how owners Maie and Taiu Landru achieve their amazing technicolor results. Over 100 photographs, many shot on location at the Koigu farm, showcase the special wool-dyeing process and fashionable garments, while a special essay discusses the family’s background, Maie’s influences, and Koigu’s day-to-day workings. 128pp. Hb.

The Knitster: 20 Patterns for Hip Knitters - $22.00
Robbie Dulaney. Featuring fun and fresh craft projects from a crafter and blogger with a lifelong passion, The Knitster combines simple, modern design with a colorful palette and vintage flair that is perfect for both women and men. The Knitster is an original, highly illustrated project-based knitting book (with a little crocheting thrown in for good measure). The twenty projects range in skill level from the basics to more advanced techniques and are designed to appeal to women and men. Clothing projects include a hooded infinity scarf, a slouchy hipster hat (knit from a bare yarn then dyed ombre), a freestyle bow tie, a color-blocked drop-sleeve sweater, and mismatched mittens connected with an i-cord (a grown-up twist on a kid’s look). Projects for the house include a zigzag throw, a patterned floor cushion, and a cute ice-cream-pint cozy (to keep your hands warm and the ice cream cold). Harness your creative energy and be inspired! 158pp. Pb.

The Knitted Alphabet: How To Knit The Letters From A to Z - $15.00
Kate Haxell & Sarah Hazell. Give a personal decorative touch to knitted projects by adding an inspiring message, a special date, a beloved name or initials. This book shows readers how to hand knit every letter of the alphabet, plus numbers and punctuation marks, in 26 different fonts--from simple classic lettering to more ornate calligraphy and contemporary handwritten styles. The Knitted Alphabet includes: Patterns for 26 different alphabets, including numbers, punctuation, emoticons and dingbats; Detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions for each alphabet, including a knitted swatch and easy-to-follow chart for every letter; Ten inspiring simple projects with full patterns; Instructions for various knitting techniques including: intarsia, Swiss darning, textured stitching and more. More than 1040 patterns. Approximately 1500 color photos, illustrations and diagrams throughout. 256pp. Pb.

Knitted Comfort For the Sole - $32.00
Lena Maikon. This creative collection of footwear includes a wide variety of socks, slippers, and leg warmers. The designer has captured a compelling mix of traditional styling with a flair for the unexpected. A wide range of yarn weights and textures are used to produce a thoughtful grouping of 22 intriguing designs and six enhancements. If this is your first time knitting socks, you'll find the Anatomy of the Sock section particularly helpful. If you're not quite ready to make a pair of socks yet, try adding one of the enhancement projects to a pair you've already got. Experienced knitters looking for a little challenge will find that here, too, in sock projects that include open gussets, intricate patterns, and diverse stitches. 128pp. Pb.

Knitted Dogs & Puppies - $25.00
Sue Stratford. This book is packed with friendly faithful dogs and puppies for you to knit. Suitable for beginners, but with projects to provide a fun challenge for more experienced knitters, this book contains 23 patterns. The dogs cover a wide range of styles from the quirky to the fun to the more true-to-life; and while some like Danger Dog are fun toys, others have a more practical purpose, like Stripy Sausage, the dachshund draught excluder. 112pp. Hb.

Knitted Lace Of Estonia with DVD - $48.00
Nancy Bush. Deepen your knowledge of knitting in Estonia with the indepth look at the west coast town of Haapsalu, its knitting traditions, and how to make them your own. Inside you will find 14 heirloom quality projects for scarves and shawls, plus a stitch dictionary that gives more then 20 additional lace patterns. 160pp. Pb.

Knitted Nursery Rhymes - $34.00
Sarah Keen. Knitters everywhere can easily recreate traditional characters from best-loved tales…characters such as Humpty-Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, plus delightful animals that children know and love including five little ducks, and five little monkeys. This charming guidebook teaches 15 adorable nursery rhyme toy projects of different levels to knit from scratch. All the orignal rhymes are featured alongside the easy-to-follow patterns, so you can snuggle up with your favorite child and pour over the pages together. There’s even a comprehensive, illustrated techniques section to guide you to completion. 144pp. Pb.

The Knitter's Bible: Baby Knits - $29.00
Laura Long. 25 adorable patterns for clothes, accessories and gifts for all year roound. 128pp. Pb.

The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Afghans and Pillows - $19.00
Claire Crompton. This book features an inspiring collection of knitted projects to brighten up the home, from luxury afghans and bedspreads to functional cushions and seating. The styles vary from basic beginner projects such as cushions and chunky throws to more advanced bedspreads and textured wall hangings. The author explores working with color, texture and embellishments to create projects that will complement and enhance the reader's current home decor. Easy-to-follow techniques ensure great results and alternative ideas take the projects further, showing different patterns, yarns and color variations through detailed photography and color swatches. 128pp. Pb.

The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns - $52.00
Ann Budd. The timeless, classic patterns can be made to fit infants though large adults. The finishing techniques and tips for compensating for different stitches or colour patterns gives you enough room for creativity to keep you satisfied for years! 112pp, Sb.

Knitting 24/7: 30 Projects to Knit, Wear, and Enjoy, On the Go and Around the Clock - $27.00
Veronik Avery. Women who love to knit are determined to find time to practice their craft, despite the many roles they fulfill throughout the day. They knit while traveling or commuting, while waiting for their kids, while socializing. Times like these call for projects that are easily transportable and have stitch patterns that are simple to memorize. Véronik Avery has created 30 such projects for Knitting 24/7, a collection of stylish clothing and accessories that make use of those “in-between” times when we’re busy, yet our hands are free. Ranging from sweaters, scarves, and shrugs to hats and mitts, the projects represent both what women want to wear and what they actually have time to knit. The book’s gorgeous color photographs capture women in a range of settings — a morning at work, a dinner with friends, a relaxing weekend afternoon — evoking the time of day when each wardrobe item might be worn. 128pp. Pb.

Knitting Architecture - $24.00
Tanis Gray. The parallels between knitting a sweater and constructing a building seem obvious when considered. Sweaters suspend from yokes and shoulders; vertical planes are shaped to provide fit and allow movement; necklines, sleeves, and hems are adapted for specific purposes. Tanis Gray has curated a collection of 20 designs from some of today’s most innovative designers, all inspired by architectural themes. From accessories based on art-nouveau ironwork to a sweater that mimics Bauhaus style, to a dress based on Greek sculpture. 160pp. Pb.

Knitting Counterpanes - $29.00
Mary Walker Phillips. This author has, nearly single-handedly, brought 19th-century counterpanes, or bedspreads, to the attention of modern knitters. Expanded with dozens of brand-new charts, this revised edition features 46 counterpane patterns as well as 32 lace edgings and borders that Phillips discovered in museums, private collections, and magazines. 240pp. Pb.

Knitting Double - $29.00
Anja Belle. Knitting double also known as double knitting is a technique by which knitters can create two fabrics at the same time. This guidebook includes step-by-step instructions with photographs to help master this method. Crafters learn how the front and back are knitted simultaneously and the stitches are worked in pairs. This book contains more than thirty projects. The perfect resource for the intermediate to advanced knitter looking to expand their repertoire. 80pp. Hb.

The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color - $19.00
Sally Melville. 40+ projects that explore knitting with color. Knitters move from being intimidated by the choices to being excited by the possibilities as the skill-building chapters put color into practice. Clear, step-by-step photographs lead knitters through a progression of new methods punctuated by fabulous and fun projects to knit. The 36 designs range from simple to classic to unexpected and are presented multiple times showcasing different techniques, mixing and matching to yield more than 80 total projects. With advice, tips, and techniques, this tutorial inspires learners to take their craft to the next level. Sizes go up to 2X. 244pp. Pb.

Knitting For Baby - $10.00
Vicki Moodie. Layettes and Jackets in 3ply baby yarn for birth to 12 months. This book is a revised edition of old Paragon knitting book #200, originally published by Paragon Art Needlecraft Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW. 28pp. Pb.

Knitting For Gold - $13.00
Sue McBride. Knit your own sports hero using simple knitting techniques. Bully off with field hockey, sprint for the finish with the track stars, or wow the crowd with your doll’s snowboarding prowess; there are twenty dolls just waiting for the signal to go. Imaginative author Sue McBride provides knitting patterns for both male and female dolls, along with all the sports equipment you need to get them ready to win the gold. The clothes and kit range from running shorts to ski-poles, and each project is illustrated clearly, making these knitted dolls a pleasure to make. Perfect as gifts for the sportsman or woman in your life, why not knit a doll in the colours of your favourite team or sports personality? On your marks... Get set... knit! 64pp. Pb.

Knitting For Little Feet: 40 Booties, Socks and Slippers for Babies and Kids - $28.00
Trafalger Square Books. What could be more fun than knitting for little feet? Both beginner and more advanced knitters will find a variety of 40 projects for newborns to four years, in this charming collection including dainty princess booties, sailor booties, striped socks, lace socks, snake socks, whimsical duck socks, warm felted slippers, dinosaur slippers and little jester slippers with bells to name a few. The projects are for both girls and boys in a rainbow of colors and levels of complexity. General knitting basics are covered in step-by-step instructions to assure success for all making these special knits for little feet. 128pp. Hb.

Knitting For The Absolute Beginner - $29.00
Alison Dupernex. Previously published as The Beginner's Guide to Knitting, this popular book has a new and updated look. It's now in a handy format, wire-bound so it lays open and with a fold-out flap of abbreviations for quick reference. Essential techniques are covered including garter and stocking stitch, casting off and on, plus increasing and decreasing all clearly explained using step-by-step photos and simple instructions. Alison's designs have a timeless appeal for knitters of all ages and she includes projects for children as well as adults. Packed with helpful tips and simple ideas, it's a 'must-have' for anyone who'd love to learn to knit. If you would love to knit but simply don't know where to start, this fantastic little book is for you! 144pp. Sb.

Knitting Green - $34.00
Ann Budd. Detailing a wide range of perspectives and approaches to environmental issues, this unique crafting manual offers ideas for knitting conscientiously. Leading figures of the industry, from designers to yarn company executives, share their methods for integrating green principles into their work and lives - selecting organic products, facilitating an alternative to chemical detergent, recycling old projects, reducing disposable plastic bags, and creating pieces that provide warmth and save on energy. Inventive and timely, this practical guidebook explains answers to important questions such as What makes a yarn organic? and Are natural dyes safer than chemical dyes? Providing 20 clever designs for earth-friendly garments, accessories, gifts, and home furnishings, craft enthusiasts of all skill levels will enjoy projects that balance the altruism of saving the planet with the joyful benefits of their favorite hobby. 160pp. Pb.

Knitting In The Details - $25.00
Louisa Harding. Learn how to bring big appeal to your knitting using only the tiniest of elements from best-selling author and knitwear designer Louisa Harding. Knitting in the Details explores different sets of embellishment methods through 24 small, quick-to-knit projects, from a beret with ribbon embroidery or a beaded scarf to a simple knitted vest with eyelets or a tank top with applique hearts. Additional variations and design tips highlight the boutique feel of each design, encouraging knitters to add their own personality to create a unique piece of knitwear. Filled with inspiring project photography from the coast of France, Knitting in the Details evokes romantic femininity, and showcases how a project can be totally transformed by creative and well-placed embellishments. 136pp. Pb.

Knitting Little Luxuries - $30.00
Louisa Harding. Learn to pamper friends and loved ones with lavish and fun knitted gifts. Projects are broken down into four different categories by style and include hats, mittens, purses, wraps, tops, sweaters, and socks—all of which are simple to make and require minimal yarn. Tips are provided for embellishing each project with different fabrics, edgings, and stitching patterns, making personalization easy, even for novices. Beautiful photographs and color illustrations detailing how to create each piece, as well as contemporary designs and small, quick projects make this guide a must-have for the gift-giving knitter. Pb.

Knitting Motifs For Babies and Kids - $19.00
Lucinda Guy. Whether seeking the perfect motif for embellishing the pocket of a child’s cardigan or inspiration for a colorful baby blanket, this practical reference is an essential sourcebook of custom knitting projects for babies and children. Each of the 50 designs includes charts, knitted swatches, and alternative colorways for a range of subjects from flowers and animals to folklore and geometric designs. Featuring illustrated ideas for children’s socks, mittens, hats, and more, this guide includes thoughtful suggestions for the placing and color combinations of motifs. Included in the final chapters is practical information on Fair Isle and Intarsia knitting techniques, as well as a guide to basic embroidery. 112pp. Hb.

Knitting New Mittens and Gloves - $20.00
Robin Melanson. Growing up in Cape Breton, on Canada’s Atlantic coast, the author learned early about the importance of gloves and mittens in a harsh winter climate. Now this self-described “mitten and glove aficionado” shares her enthusiasm for these ordinary items by presenting 28 extraordinary ways to make them for year-round style. This book combines traditional and untraditional techniques — as well as influences as far-flung as Gothic architecture, Estonian lace, and Wagnerian opera — in a winning collection of patterns for adults and children. From wool mittens filled with unspun fleece and arm warmers with leather laces, to cotton-mesh fingerless gloves and silk-beaded mitts to be worn as adornments, each design has an unexpected twist. Because they are small, quick to make, and don’t require a lot of yarn, mittens and gloves are perfect projects for knitting throughout the year, and they also offer an ideal opportunity for beginning and more seasoned knitters to experiment with new techniques, yarns, and styles. 144pp. Pb.

Knitting Outside the Swatch - $28.00
Kristin Omdahl. This book is an exploration of non-traditional construction techniques for creating and joining flowers, motifs, and various geometric shapes to create inventive and dimensional fabrics. Kristin Omdahl presents a library of 40 original and innovative stitch motifs and shows how joining one or more motifs can create trims or whole fabrics. She demonstrates methods for center-out, top-down, and side-to-side construction. Enjoy 10 project patterns including shawls, cowls, scarves, and sweaters. Kristin illustrates how to interchange various motifs in these patterns and encourages you to incorporate motifs into other designs. Learn how to integrate these motifs into the body of a garment and how to decorate or embellish other knitwear by using motifs as edgings, bands, cuffs, and more. Think outside the box with this must-have knitting book! 144pp. Pb.

The Knitting Palette - $21.00
Kristin Nicholas. Learn to harmonize colours and textures to create knitted garments that are personal, contemporary, and stunningly beautiful. Look around for colours that please and inspire - in a flower filled park, at an art museum, in a child's picture book. Work those colours into your knitting with wide or narrow stripes, surprising bobbles and fringes, or basic embroidery stitches that lend playfulness to even the simplest patterns. Experiment with your wildest ideas. You can always unravel what doesn't work! Included in this book are 27 patterns expressly designed to showcase colour in combination. 208pp Pb.

Knitting Pleats - $19.00
Olga M. Pobedinskaya. Learn to apply a time-honored dressmaking technique to knitwear and create fascinating garments that are wonderfully unique. Knitting enthusiasts will love the range and inventiveness of these captivating designs. Use genuine pleats — not simply ribbing — to create decorative effects or to shape garments. Place pleats horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; make them full length, sectional, or slightly irregular. Choose from more than 10 fashionable projects, including gorgeous sweaters and wraps, plus a beret, vest, hat, collar, and bags. 80pp. Pb.

Lace Knitting For Beginners: 11 Easy and Inspirational Projects - $19.00
Amy Palmer. Learn how to read lace charts, follow eleven basic patterns, and design your own simple lace scarf. 32pp. Pb.

The Lace Knitting Palette - $34.00
Catherine M Thomson. Both beginning and experienced knitters are sure to find inspiration in this wonderful lace knitting book from designer Catherine M. Thomson. By pairing exciting yarns with the ideal lace stitches, these 18+ stylish, streamlined designs show knitters how to get the most out of their lace knitting using both large and small needles and simple techniques for edgings, seams, spacing, and shaping along with shortcuts for special finishing touches. Highlights include circular and triangular shawls; a baby robe, bonnet, and shoes; scarves; trims; decorative leaves; leggings; fingerless gloves; garters; a necklace; a fascinator; and more. 128pp. Pb.

Lace Style - $51.00
Pam Allen & Ann Budd. With an emphasis on innovative designs that range from simple to complex, this collection of contemporary knitting projects includes garments and accessories for women. Featuring projects with a sense of style that will appeal to knitters of all ages, it includes designs for socks, hats, sweaters, dresses, and shrugs. A basic primer on knitting lace that is closely linked to the projects in the book includes information on how to knit lace, choosing yarn and needles, types of increases and decreases, reading charts, simple ways to achieve a lacy effect, ways to incorporate lace designs in knitting patterns, and information on blocking. Each pattern has detailed step-by-step instructions, lavish lifestyle photographs, and plenty of detail shots. Experienced knitters looking for inspiration and beginners trying lace knitting for the first time will find everything needed to knit lace with confidence. 160pp. Pb.

Lace Yarn Studio - $30.00
Carol J Sulcoski. Knitters who think lace-weight yarn is difficult to work with or only for old-fashioned shawls are in for a big surprise! These 25 patterns — created by Carol J. Sulcoski and a group of talented designers — break beautifully free from the flowery, heirloom mold. The fresh, contemporary ideas range from an asymmetric tank top and beaded skirt to opera-length gloves and airy infinity scarves. And to make the knitting easy, a comprehensive basics section offers tricks for avoiding yarn tangles, tips on knitting with a lifeline, information about choosing fiber content, and much more. 144pp. Pb.

Lacy Knits: 20 Delicate Projects in Soft, Luxurious Mohair-Silk Yarns - $24.00
Alison Crowther-Smith. Mohair-silk yarn, renowned for its delicate beauty, has a rapidly growing fanbase around the world. Knitting with it, say devotees, is "highly addictive," partly because its unique elements — the sheen of the silk structure and the haze of the mohair — effortlessly combine to bestow a touch of glamour upon every knitting pattern. Simplicity is the key when working with such yarn, as even the most basic of designs is given an air of complexity by the luster and texture of the mohair-silk. It is with this in mind that Alison Crowther-Smith explores new ways of using embellishments and shade work to show this superfine yarn to its best advantage in a sparkling collection of over 20 lace accessories for you and your home. You'll find step-by-step instructions for both traditional and modern lace patterns — something to suit every knitting palate: from simple lace ribbing, to bold circular lace designs; from lace with beads, sequins, and embroidery, to ideas for fabric backing and color-blending. One-of-a-kind projects include delicate scarves, cozy mittens, shimmering shrugs, glittering bags, and pillows with lattice and floral motifs. Designs vary from easy to more difficult, but all are extremely accessible, regardless of your level of expertise, and were chosen to be quick-to-knit with modern, busy lifestyles in mind. With a special introduction to the ins-and-outs of working with mohair (including the tricks to casting on, matching gauge and tension, finishing, and binding off) and full color photos and illustrations, beginning knitters will have just as much fun creating these projects as the more advanced crafters who may have worked with lace and mohair-silk before. Most importantly, Crowther-Smith's patterns yield the most rewarding results you can imagine: knitwear brimming with delicacy, style, and timeless charm. 120pp. Pb.

Lacy Little Knits - $15.00
Iris Schreier. Knitting designs with open, airy stitches are more popular than ever. But why suffer through complicated lace patterns when you can get the same look more easily? Iris Schreier, one of knitting's brightest stars, reveals all the simplest techniques and stitches in Lacy Little Knits. Each of these 25 seductive garments - from a pretty-in-pink Turkish Shawl to an eye-catching turquoise Chevron Halter - features gorgeous lightweight yarns that hint of romance, flirtation, and glamour. 144pp. Pb.

Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book - $34.00
Barbara Walker. This is a classic, must-have book. Now that it's back in print, don't pass it up. It contains all the abbreviations found in most knitting directions, and shows and explains all the techniques you need to know to execute them. This one is for all skill levels. If you've never knit before, you can learn to cast on here; if you are more experienced, this is a great reference tool. There are 63 different stitch patterns, and after 161 pages, you'll have the completed afghan shown on the cover! 161pp. Pb.

Light & Layered Knits - $34.00
Vicki Square. Create beautiful garments made from comfortable fibers and light yarns. These are more than simply projects to make - they are truly knits to live in. The 23 patterns work in all climates, can be layered and removed at will, and are equally at home in a casual or workplace setting. Working with lightweight yarns in fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, and bamboo, Vicki creates pieces that will appeal to knitters of all ages. These versatile wardrobe staples - shells, fluid tops, draped tunics, light cardigans, wrap sweaters, and more - reflect the way that women dress today. What's more, most of them are conveniently sized for up to a "46" to "48" bust circumference. 160pp. Pb.

Loop-d-Loop - $22.00
Teva Durham. The designs here, for women, men, children, and the home, are fresh, modern, and eclectic, especially appealing to young knitters who like to set tradition askew and claim knitting as their own. At the same time, they are not so trendy as to turn off more traditional and/or older knitters, and the technical applications are so clever and unique that even advanced knitters are fascinated by them. Most of the designs - even those that may look complex - are actually fairly easy to create, providing gratifying learning and artistic experiences as well as fast results. Because of the strong technical nature of Loop-d-Loop, it is poised to last much longer than a simple collection of fashionable patterns and to become a standard reference within the knitting community. 176pp. Pb.

Margeau Chapeau: A New Perspective on Classic Knit Hats - $25.00
Margeau Soboti. Let Margeau show you how to knit the hat of your dreams, from a stylish tweed cap to a playful beanie or a classic beret. Fifteen patterns, all well within the capacity of novice knitters, include earflap caps, a turban headband, watch caps, and other items. The designs offer a variety of attractive silhouettes and shapes, from fitted, traditional items to slouchy, trendy hats. Suggested yarns range from affordable to luxury, all chosen for their softness and sophisticated color palette. Margeau Soboti is a hand knit and machine knit designer with a BBA in Design and Management from Parsons, The New School for Design. A former editor at Vogue Knitting magazine, her designs have appeared in that publication as well as in Knit Simple and Noro magazines. 80pp. Pb.

Maria: Voyages In Design: Art To Knit - $45.00
Prue Hatton & Sally Ord. The colours, textures, patterns and history of Maria Island, a tiny island off the east coast of Tasmania, have inspired a sketchbook approach to eight handknitting designs. Prue Hutton’s striking artwork and diary from a four-day walk on Maria have been interpreted in unique handknits by Sally Ord. Readers can immerse themselves in the places that inspired Prue’s artwork and then follow the knitting patterns to recreate Sally’s exquisite garments. The story behind each design unfolds through the journey, explaining how it relates to the history, scenery, animals or bird life of the island. It details why particular colours, yarn and stitch patterns have been chosen for each garment. Photographs of the designs allow readers to view patterns and finishing details, enriching the relationship between seeing and interpretation. 80pp. Hb.

Medieval-Inspired Knits - $47.00
Anna-Karin Lundberg. Inspired by the dramatic murals in the medieval churches of the province of Uppland, Sweden, this collection of colorful knitwear projects is sure to challenge and reward experienced knitters. Whirling botanical details, three-dimensional patterns, and embellished borders combine in a sumptuous collection of sweaters, vests, hats, and mittens in sizes for adults and children. With clearly presented instructions and color photographs of both the completed designs and the paintings, panels, and tapestries that inspired them, the stunning results of these patterns are complete with button details, creative edgings, flattering profiles, and finishing touches that are reminiscent of the tunics and robes commonly worn in the Middle Ages. 128pp. Hb.

Metropolitan Knits - $37.00
Melissa Wehrle. Knit for uptown or downtown with a trendsetting New York City Designer. With these twenty polished, sophisticated projects, a knitwear designer has created a collection that perfectly reflects the rhythm, flavor or drama of city life. From a chunky cabled sweater and hat to a beautiful tunic and gossamer cardigan, the designs are beautifully shaped, expertly finished, and ready to be shown off on the street. They feature a variety of construction and finishing techniques, including knit-in pockets, tabs, button details, slip-stitch edgings and small slits and pleats. 160pp. Pb.

Mirror, Mirror: An Enchanting Collection of Matching Hats and Fingerless Gloves to Knit - $32.00
Simone Van Iderstine. A whimsical collection of knitting patterns to keep you cozy in cooler weather. The patterns feature cabling, lace, and lots of texture in classic designs that are easily integrated into your wardrobe. 71pp. Pb.

Modular Knits - $21.00
Iris Schreier. A traditional knitting technique, beautiful modular knitting, gets a new and easier spin, so that even beginners can master the process. This comprehensive course features themed tutorials, complete with handy practice exercises, as well as simple instructions, charts, and 24 fabulous projects. Start with a basic square pillow, and as skills build, move onto the Starburst Shawl, Bulls-eye Hat, and Pinwheel Purse. 128pp. Pb.

More Knitting In The Sun: 32 Patterns to Knit For Kids - $27.00
Kristi Porter. As a knitter and teacher in Southern California, author Kristi Porter knows well what warm-weather knitters want. Patterns for warmer weather and warmer climate knitting are in demand. This time Kristi focuses her knitting needles on warm weather patterns for children, bringing you a stunningly designed collection of projects and beautiful photography. If you enjoy knitting in the summer or live in a climate that is warm year-round, More Knitting in the Sun will keep your needles clicking until the wee hours of morning. 192pp. Pb.

More Modern Top-Down Knitting - $38.00
Kristina McGowan. Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, originally published in 1972, is a treasure trove of inspiration about the technique of knitting garments from the top down (for example, knitting a sweater from the neck down to the hem or a hat from the crown down to the brim). In 2010, STC Craft published Kristina McGowan’s successful Modern Top-Down Knitting, a collection of fashion-conscious top-down designs inspired by Walker’s book. Knitters not only loved the technique, which allows for easy, try-on-as-you-go custom fitting, but also applauded McGowan’s modern sense of style. For More Modern Top-Down Knitting, McGowan has dug even deeper into Walker’s iconic work—this time challenging herself to design two garments based on each of Walker’s 12 basic top-down templates. The results come together to form a fresh, stylish wardrobe that includes everything from sweaters and dresses to capes, skirts, hats, and even pants and shorts. 160pp. Hb.

My First Knitting Book - $18.00
Hildegarde Deuzo & Marina Orry. If you want to learn to knit, you only need a ball of yarn, knitting needles, some patience — and this book! It's the ideal introduction to knitting, with easy-to-follow, full-color instructions for more than fifteen projects. Clear, step-by-step explanations of basic techniques make this guide great for beginners of all ages, especially those wishing to create handmade gifts. An introduction explains the how-to of knitting, from holding the needles and yarn to casting on, basic stitches, and finishing touches. Patterns start out as simple as can be and gradually become more challenging, although by no means difficult. Readers can advance from bracelets, hair ornaments, and pocketbooks to scarves and hats, in addition to a charming variety of household decorations. 64pp. Pb.

My First Knitting Book - $14.00
Susan Kass. The projects are rate in 3 difficulty levels, and come with easy-to-read instructions and adorable step-by-step artworks that will guide you along the way. You'll find cute little bow hair clips and decorative buttons, a panda hat, fingerless gloves, a keyring charm, mouse mittens, an earflap hat, a cowl, heart cushion, caterpiller doorstop, toys such as an alien, a rag doll, and a doctor's stethescope. There is a basic techniques section, which also covers yarns, needles and stitches. 128pp. Pb.

Natural Knits for Babies and Moms - $29.00
Louisa Harding. What better way to pamper a new baby or mother then with a beautiful garment knit with organically grown and naturally produced yarns? Inside you'll find patterns for essential baby accessories, including hats mittens, blankets, and booties, and the simplest pattern for knitted toys. A unique "bump" sweater gives the mother-to-be room to grow, and inventive nursing sweaters are convenient and stylish. The collection seamlessly combines adorable shapes, cuddly textures, and environmentally friendly materials. 128pp. Pb.

Natural Nursery Knits - $19.00
Erika Knight. Here is combined the purest yarns with irresistible designs to create a beautiful collection of 20 handknits for the newborn baby including all the necessary basics needed in baby's first months. Ranging from practical first garments, washcloths, cozy blankets, and delightful toys to heirloom pieces, all the designs are made from organic or sustainable fibers. Chosen for their softness, animal fibers such as baby alpaca, cashmere, and extra-fine merino are complemented by organically grown cotton, bamboo, and milk fibers, that are breathable and comfortable for baby to wear. The result is a beautiful palette of natural ecru, muted pastels, chocolates, and charcoals. 144pp. Pb.

New Prayer Shawl Companion - $29.00
Janet Severi Bristow. There's something extraordinary about a handmade shawl and the sense of warmth, love, and support in which it wraps the wearer, especially during hard times. As our world unravels in various ways, caring circles of knitters are stitching together blessings - in the form of prayer shawls - to send to friends and strangers in need. "The New Prayer Shawl Companion," the latest book in the best-selling Prayer Shawl series, supports and inspires these dedicated knitters with a host of new stories and patterns for boundless creativity. Knitting enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, will embrace the 35 easy-to-follow prayer shawl patterns in the book - some designed for times of celebration, others for solace and remembrance. In addition to clear instructions, each pattern is accompanied by encouraging stories from other crafters, and blessings to knit by. Co-founders of the Prayer Shawl Ministry and lifelong knitters themselves, the authors offer readers bountiful design inspiration, stitching ideas, and patterns for creating beautiful shawls. 176pp. Pb.

New Stranded Colorwork: Techniques and Patterns for Vibrant Knitwear - $37.00
Mary Scott Huff. Classic Norwegian knitting techniques are reinvigorated with a modern twist in this clear and concise handbook to stranded colorwork. Featuring 20 innovative and fun projects — such as the Lotus Blossom Vest, the Go for Baroque Tote, the Counting Crows Pullover, and the Wedding Belle Cardigan — this guide accompanies each with detailed instructional outlines in the tutorial section and is perfect for a variety of skill levels. Going beyond the usual snowflake and reindeer motifs of traditional Norwegian patterns, this modern resource addresses a niche few other knitting guides have explored and offers a technique section that is enjoyable thanks to its conversational tone. Advanced techniques are also highlighted, such as managing two balls of yarn, adding steeks, and finishing cut edges. 144pp. Pb.

Nicky Epstein's Cover Up - $39.00
Nicky Epstein. Here is presented a treasury of fabulous knitted afghans, and it’s sure to become another hit for this always-popular author. These masterpieces of imagination and technical skill, taken from her personal collection, range from the elegant to the truly fantastic: they’ll absolutely enthrall and inspire Epstein’s many fans, and knitters everywhere. Those who favor simplicity will love the gorgeously monochromatic White Sampler, done in beautiful relief stitches, as well as a blue Wedgewood Afghan. For knitters who like to walk on the wilder side, and work with vibrant colors, there’s the irresistibly intricate intarsia of a Musical Afghan, or the detailed panels of the Twelve Days of Christmas. 184pp. Pb.

Nicky Epstein's Knit A Square - $54.00
Nicky Epstein. Wise owls, feisty fighting fish, and delightful turtles are just a few of the 25 cute critters that knitters will enjoy constructing from this collection of addictive projects. Using Epstein’s fresh approach to crafting stuffed animals, and her simple step-by-step instructions, knitters need only make a square (often with color work or quirky techniques), sew it into the designated shape, and stuff it! The results are adorable, and fun embellishments add rich detail and character to each creature. 144pp. Pb.

Nicky Epstein's Knits For Dolls - $29.00
Nicky Epstein. Designer, author, teacher, and knitting celebrity Nicky Epstein has created a stylish delight: 25 playful, fashion-forward patterns for 18-inch dolls. Nicky speaks fondly of the dolls that inspired her designs and explains the techniques for measuring a doll, adapting patterns, and choosing yarn and needles. The adorable pieces range from classic to chic, and include everything from hats and coats to dresses, skirts, tops, and pants — a tiny, complete wardrobe of Nicky Epstein originals! 128pp. Pb.

Nicky Epstein's Knitting In Circles - $42.00
Nicky Epstein. You won’t believe what you can make with knitted circles! One circle can become a stylish hat or an adorable shrug. Two, and you have a unique handbag or cover-up. Knit more circles, and you can make show-stopping scarves, capes, sweaters, afghans—even a stunning lace dress. Only Nicky Epstein, always on the cutting edge of knitwear design, could dream up these innovative garments and accessories that all start with a simple shape. Mix and match to your heart’s content with 100 circles and 20 inspiring projects that feature everything from cables to rich colorwork, delicate lace, and over-the-top embellishments in Nicky’s signature style. You’ll find step-by-step techniques on how to knit circles, both in the round and flat, plus expert guidance on customizing the projects, with unique cut-and-paste circle templates to design your own styles. 224pp. Hb.

Nicky Epstein's Knitting in Tuscany - $29.00
Nicky Epstein. Here comes an exciting new book for knitters — this time, with an Italian accent! It’s filled with the warmth of the sun-splashed Tuscan countryside, inspired by Nicky’s knitting tour of the region. Knitters will pour themselves a glass of Chianti, gaze at the gorgeous photographs, and work their way through a dozen fabulous Tuscan-style projects (presented with step-by-step instructions). They’ll also savor the tidbits Nicky imparts about the region and its knitters, and her travels through Italy. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who feels amore for knitting and Italia. 112pp. Hb.

Nicky Epstein's Signature Scarves - $40.00
Nicky Epstein. This book delivers what knitting — and Nicky’s — fans have been craving: her hallmark embellished style applied to the simple scarf. Inside there are an array of patterns to delight and inspire: a lovely tweedy wrap with appliquéd leaves; a scarf comprised of interlocking bright circles; a deceptively cute piece sporting rows of tiny skulls. Felters will especially love working on the scarf made of interwoven cut felted strips, as well as the one that’s knit-then-felted and adorned with autumn roses. The 35 beautifully laid-out and photographed designs fully display Nicky’s spectacular range and boundless creativity. Ideal as gifts and short-term projects, scarves never lose their appeal — and when they feature Nicky’s special touch, they’re irresistible showstoppers that no knitter will want to miss! 160pp. Hb.

Nifty Knits For Kids: Fun Wearables for Kids on the Go - $19.00
Catherine Ham. 28 cheerful, comfortable, and irresistibly cute children’s projects that both knitters and kids will love! Featuring clothing that can be layered for maximum year-round wear, as well as accessories, the collection offers plenty of information on everything from selecting a yarn to modifying garments for growing children. The broad range of items includes unisex vests and a hoodie in bold colors; a handsome sweater vest for the well-dressed young gentleman; and a fancy cape and a versatile sweater dress to delight little girls. With easy, intermediate, and expert projects to choose from, there’s something right for every knitter. 112pp. Hb.

Nordic Knitting Traditions - $23.00
Susan Anderson-Freed. Traditional Scandinavian and Icelandic designs are given new life in the projects found in Nordic Knitting Traditions. 25 projects feature original floral, star, feather and geometric motifs, all knit in fresh and modern colors. With a diverse collection of hats, tams, mittens, gloves, socks, knee-highs and legwarmers, you'll find plenty of jaw-dropping, colorful accessories to knit for yourself and the ones you love. Nordic Knitting Traditions celebrates the roots of stranded knitting with inspiring designs and elegant colorways. Start knitting your own piece of history today. 144pp. Pb.

Novelty Knits: 35 Fun & Fabulous Jumper Designs - $23.00
Gyles Brandreth. Novelty jumpers are firmly back in fashion and now you can make your own - give them to friends and family, or keep them for yourself. Famous for the distinctive jumpers he wore on breakfast television in the 1970s and 80s, Gyles Brandreth, together with his daughter Saethryd, has designed new, modern patterns and brought to life some of the classic designs of his past. All will get your fingers itching to pick up your needles. Knitted entirely in stocking stitch, and accompanied by detailed charts that show you how to create the witty and inventive motifs, the designs come with a section of tips and techniques that mean even beginner knitters can have a go with confidence. So whether you fancy making his & her 'tuxedos' for you and a loved one, a fluffy poodle for someone special or a birthday cake to celebrate a significant anniversary, there are jumpers for everyone and for every occasion. 160pp. Pb.

Nursery Knits - $19.00
Zoe Mellor. This innovative and easy-to-follow guide leads knitters through 25 inspiring projects, including soft and snuggly blankets, mittens, booties, hats, sweaters, and even dolls, teddy bears and décor for the nursery. With simple, step-by-step instructions and over 150 color photographs and charts, even beginning knitters will enjoy creating these soft and luxurious clothes, toys and décor. These adorable projects are suitable for newborns to 3-year olds. 128pp. Pb.

Once Upon A Knit - $34.00
Genevieve Miller. Iconic fairy-tale characters from storybooks, movies, and television inspire this collection of magical knitting patterns perfect for modern knights, villains, and princesses. The author taps a wide range of contributors (from knitwear designers to students) to create a collection of 28 wearables, accessories, and toys that can be knit for adults or kids. Inspired by the recent resurgence of fairy-tale and fantasy characters, these projects draw from classic stories as well as pop-culture phenomena featuring romantic, feminine costumes. Projects range from kid- and teen-friendly animals hats to an Alice in Wonderland beret to a crystal-embellished vest fit for a Snow Queen, adding a little dress-up fun to knitters' everyday wardrobes. Pb.

Options: Ponchos - $15.00
Margie Morse Pully. Have you ever looked at a book of knit patterns and thought, "I like the design in this photo, but I wonder how would it look in another yarn?" You don’t have to wonder anymore. Leisure Arts’ exciting new Options books actually let you see the results of alternative yarn choices. We create each design twice, using entirely different yarn brands and colors for the second version. The delightful results in Options: Ponchos are a collection of 8 stylish garments in two variations by Margie Morse Pulley. Compare the options and prepare to be amazed at how many of these fashionable cover-ups you’ll want to make. Whatever your skill level, our thorough instructions will have you finishing your ponchos with ease. Your only question now should be, "Which poncho will I knit first?" 48pp. Pb.

Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits - $17.00
Jill Bulgan. Dogs can't knit. But they sure can wear it well. Could your Chinese crested powder puff rock a vintage ruffled bonnet? Does your pug pine for a fabulous ten-gallon cowboy hat? Or perhaps your bulldog hopes to cast off his thuggish street cred with a preppy letterman sweater? Featuring more than 25 super-cute knitting patterns and embellishments, here is a fun and simple way to swathe your four-legged friend in the very best of handmade finery! With clearly explained step-by-step instructions and inspiringly hilarious photographs, this unique book provides adorable knitting projects and how-to advice for novice knitters and precocious purlers alike. So whether you wish to adorn your canine fashionista with a stylish beret, toasty legwarmers, adorable rabbit ears, or a cozy sweater for crisp winter nights, Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits is the perfect book for you. 96pp. Pb.

Paintbox Knits - $19.00
Mary H Bonnette & Jo Lynne Murchland. These playful, pint-size patterns mix vibrant colors with clever motifs that kids will want to put on parade! You'll find designs for every season, from toasty turtlenecks that will beat the winter chill to light-and-breezy sundresses just right for summer fun. Best of all, each project is brimming with splashes and dashes of bright, bold colors that kids will love. 144pp. Pb.

Picture Perfect Knits - $16.00
Laura Birek. Just what the heck is intarsia anyway? One of the most overlooked knitting techniques, intarsia allows knitters to add graphics, think argyle diamonds or mod motifs, to their knits. There's no tricky double stranding and knitters can incorporate intarsia into almost any project, be it a cozy blanket or tiny mittens. This handy guide includes instructions to make 12 projects plus more than 50 intarsia graphs that can be used to customize almost any knit. Clear instructions, helpful illustrations, and finished project photos make it simple to learn the basics. There are even some blank charts so knitters can invent their own patterns. It's easy. It's fun. And the results are totally picture perfect! 128pp. Pb.

Pop Knitting: Bold Motifs Using Color & Stitch - $47.00
Britt-Marie Christoffersson. The author has studied color and texture in knitting for more than 25 years. This book showcases her intensive work, demonstrating how the essential elements can be combined in seemingly endless ways to create striking, graphic knitted fabrics. Using a variety of innovative stitch manipulation techniques, this book presents dozens of examples of highly textured fabrics and gorgeous knitted strandwork. Bright color predominates throughout this exuberant book, making simple patterns boldly stand out. Dive into the vibrant color, in-depth instruction, and artful inspiration that have ruled Christoffersson's work and life. Pop Knitting promises revolutionary knitting results. 224pp. Pb.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Vol 1 - $24.00
Join the thousands of knitters and crocheters of all faiths who are creating handmade shawls for people in need. Whatever your faith and wherever you live, your handiwork will be a gift of comfort, hope, and peace. Over the centuries, shawls have come to symbolize shelter, peace, and spiritual sustenance. What started as a grass-roots movement has quickly grown into an international cause, with countless numbers of shawls being given to grateful recipients around the globe. 48pp. Pb.

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies - $24.00
Loani Prior. Loani Prior, tea cosy knitter extraordinaire, is back with more of her fabulously outrageous creations. Pretty Funny Tea Cosies contains 25 knitted cosies and pretty things, with the focus on the pretty: flowers, leaves, fruit, loopy stitches and beautifully knitted and woven fabric. Including basic stitches, techniques and patterns, Pretty Funny Tea Cosies is a must-have for knitters and crafters and anyone who has ever wanted to have a Tibetan Tea Warrior tea cosy. 160pp. Pb.

Quick Icelandic Knits: Sweaters, Hats, Socks, Mittens and More - $24.00
Gunn Birgirsdottir. Discover the beauty of Icelandic knitting and knit your own cardigans, socks, mittens, bags, slippers and much more. Learn the basics of this enduring and beautiful knitting style as well as the more intricate Icelandic techniques. You will find everything you need to know from knitting in the round and felting through to shaping sweaters and knitting with beads. The book also provides helpful tips on how to adapt traditional patterns to make your own unique designs. With colourful step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions, this book is perfect for the beginner as well as the more advanced knitter. 80pp. Pb.

Quick Knitted Scarves - $19.00
Amy Palmer. Play with texture and lace with this collection of eighteen favorite scarf patterns. 32pp. Pb.

Ready, Set, Knit: Learn to Knit with 20 Hot Projects - $17.00
Sasha Kagan. The knitting craze continues, and new knitters take up the needles all the time. This book gives beginners everything they'll ever need to know plus fun, fresh, fast-to-finish projects. Each project introduces a new skill, so the book can be used as a complete course in learning to knit. The projects are the big draw - the quick and creative accessories that knitters crave. The book's unique format stands up, putting the open page at eye level so learners can easily refer to the how-to photos and patterns. The book then closes securely with a Velcro flap so it can pop in a bag and go along wherever they like to hang out and knit. Over 200 brightly colored photographs and diagrams. 96pp. Sb.

Really Wild Tea Cozies - $24.00
Loani Prior. From Loani Prior, author of the hugely successful "Wild Tea Cosies", comes this entertaining, inspiring and easy-to-follow book featuring 20 even wilder knitted tea cosies. Loani turns this functional, homely item into a fabulously creative knitted sculpture full of vibrant colour and humour, something that will bring joy as well as warmth to your daily cup of tea. These tea cosies are easy enough for knitters of even the most basic skill level to make and assemble. "Really Wild Tea Cosies" also provides instructions on how to make ten knitted and crocheted decorations, such as flowers, leaves and fruit, which can be used to embellish your tea cosy, or worn on a lapel or scarf. It includes strikingly original creations suitable for all skill levels, and illuminating techniques section, including the new technique of knitting in the round on two sets of circular needles. It features 10 decorating accessories that can be used to embellish clothing and homewares. 136pp. Pb.

Rib It Up: 25 Designs - $19.00
Fill your home with knitted pieces, all using rib patterns. Stitch diamond ribs, chevron ribs, cable ribs, puffed ribs, eyelet ribs, sailors rib, medallion ribs, bobble ribs, textured ribs and wavy ribs. You'll enjoy knitting afghans, pillows, dish towels, dish cloths, place mats, hand towels, face cloths, a soap sack, a table runner, a doily, coasters, a tea cozy and a tablecloth. These designs will delight knitters of all skill levels. They make great gifts for any occasion. Pb.

Scarf Style - $29.00
Pam Allen, editor of Interweave Knits. 31 elegant, whimsical and ingenious scarvves from prominent knitwear designers such as Debbie Bliss, Nancy Bush, Lily Chin, Nicky Epstein, Sasha Kagan, and Sally Melville. 152pp. Pb. Unicorn.

The Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting - $24.00
Marianne Kinzel. More distinctive patterns - Grand Slam, Lilac Time, Maidenhair, etc.- and over 29 complete projects. 41 illus. 117pp. Pb.

Shades of Winter - $19.00
Ingalill Johansson. Inspired by the sublime, subtle tones of wintry northern landscapes, the more than 35 projects in Shades of Winter showcase the natural beauty of pure undyed wool yarn photographed against the Scandinavian winter's snow crystals and cold. These gorgeous garments -- from tops, sweaters, dresses, and coats to hats, mittens, scarves, and shawls -- evoke wool's warmth and softness in many different patterns and textures. A knitter of any skill level and inclination will surely become enchanted by the possibilities: garments ranging from simple garter and stockinette to more elaborate cables, bobbles, texture, and lace patterns. Knitting with eco-friendly undyed wool creates a rich, visually organic theme for the book. The chapters are organized by the natural tones of the yarns: white, gray, and beige. These fine woolens are not only visually stunning, but hold the promise of doing no harm to the environment. Knitters will be transported by the book's artful photography, taken in one of Sweden's most exotic and famous locations, the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi. Here, stylish knits are viewed in a dreamlike atmosphere, where ice columns and ice crystal crowns in the pillared hall range in color from the iciest light blue to the deepest petroleum blue. The only shivers a knitter will feel are those of pure delight at the contrast of woolen warmth next to icy environs. 160pp. Pb.

Short Story: Chic Knits for Layering - $24.00
Cathy Carron. Long story short, cropped sweaters are the hottest designs on the runway and on the needles. Here knitwear designer Cathy Carron offers fashion-forward knitters 35 designs for boleros, shrugs, cropped cardis, and short wraps, along with instructions on how to adapt patterns to your own measurements. Carron also includes a brief look at the various forms explored, considers yarn and stitch pattern, gives advice on adjusting for length, and offers ideas for styling short knits. From a ruffled bolero in a “painter's palette” of gorgeous hand-painted yarns to a “short'n sweet” cashmere and silk capelet, these designs are as pleasing to the fingers as they are to the eye. 160pp. Pb.

Simple Knits: Bags - $9.00
Clare Crompton. A fantastic selection of knitting patterns from established designer and best-selling author Claire Crompton, author of The Knitter's Bible and Knitter's Bible project books. Featuring strong designs across a range of styles for the new-to-knitting market, all the projects included are either Beginner, Easy or Intermediate skill level, and the majority are Easy. As well as patterns and project instructions, you will also find an explanation of the abbreviations used, a knitting needle conversion chart, a skill level key, a standard yarn weight chart, knitting techniques and making-up techniques. 32pp. Pb.

Simple Knits: Hats & Scarves - $9.00
Clare Crompton. This is a fantastic selection of knitting patterns from established designer and best-selling author Claire Crompton, author of The Knitter's Bible and Knitter's Bible project books. Featuring strong designs across a range of styles for those who are new to knitting, all the projects included are either Beginner, Easy, or Intermediate skill level. As well as patterns and project instructions, you will also find an explanation of the abbreviations used, a knitting needle conversion chart, a skill level key, a standard yarn weight chart, knitting techniques, and making-up techniques. 32pp. Pb.

Step It Up Knits - $23.00
Vickie Howell. Here are all the techniques needed to become a master knitter, plus 25 gorgeous projects. From cabled wrist warmers to slouchy beanies, lacy headbands, and cozy cowls, each project is small enough to take on the go and whip up in just a weekend. The step-by-step photographs, detailed instructions, helpful diagrams, and inspiring project shots make it easy to follow along. Beginners will become pros in no time!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off - $15.00
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. From the best-selling author of At Knit's End and Knitting Rules! comes yet another hilarious book of tongue-in-cheek observations on the world of knitting. Embark with her on a journey deep into the land populated by those who are obsessed with yarn, needles, and what’s on their needles now. Using a travel guide format as her launching pad, Pearl-McPhee acts as tour guide extraordinaire, displaying her trademark razor-sharp wit as she describes and critiques every aspect of this land she knows so well — its people, native language, familiar phrases, strange beliefs, etiquette, and cultural customs. Readers will love her timeline of notable dates in knitting history and rarely celebrated knitting heroes, from the samurai warriors of Japan to the "Ter-rible Knitters of Dent." And, while the land of knitting is a peaceful place, it does have its political arguments, such as the acrylic versus natural fibers and circular versus straight needles debates. As she's toured (and knit) her way across North America during the past two years, Pearl-McPhee's smart, perfectly timed banter has captured the hearts, minds, and funny bones of thousands of knitters far and wide. No fan is going to want to be left behind as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off on her latest yarn-bound expedition. 218pp. Pb.

Surface Works - $19.00
Jenny Dowde. This book is about adding surface decoration to plain knitted or crocheted backgrounds. There are 35 projects, some approached in a traditional, others in a somewhat freeform manner, all beautifully illustrated and explained in clear detail. There are also countless ways of using storebought braids and trims, beads, buttons, lace inserts, and all kinds of 'found objects', to create interesting surfaces. The book includes a host of smaller projects such as scarves, hats, neckpieces and a number of beautiful shawls and tops. 192pp. Pb.

Swedish Handknits: A Collection of Heirloom Patterns - $24.00
Sue Flanders, Janine Kosel. This book is a collection of patterns for sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, headbands, and bags, all inspired by the historic textiles housed at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Institute was the first to host the successful Bohus knitting exhibit in America, so it's fitting that their world-class textile collection provides the inspiration for these designs. Vintage photographs of Swedish immigrants, recipes, and photos of the artifacts that inspired the designs are included, along with a short history of knitting in Sweden. Bohus, twined knitting, and Swedish mittens are some of the many techniques featured in the book. 144pp. Hb.

Sweet Shawlettes - $29.00
Jean Moss. Shawlettes are the new socks! These hugely popular, fashion accessories are worn about the shoulders and meant for showing off. They’re not only stylish but these budget-friendly pieces make for perfect portable projects. International knitwear designer Jean Moss has pulled together a wonderfully creative collection of 25 knitting patterns for shawlettes, mini-wraps cowls, collars, and more. The garments are grouped by style: Country, Couture, Folk, and Vintage, and feature gorgeous yarns of varying content, including wool, silk, cotton, and sustainable fibers. Knitters of all levels will draw inspiration from the gorgeous four-color photos. Additionally helpful are illustrations, charts, schematics and an appendix with instructions for special stitches. Shawlettes can be endlessly reinterpreted in beautiful ways as this book shows. It’s one that will capture knitters’ imaginations for years to come. 144pp. Pb.

Teen Knitting Club: Chill Out and Knit - $24.00
Jennifer Wegner & Carol Abrams. 35 easy patterns designed for teens. Unique embellishments to personalize projects. One-day "instant gratification" projects. Guide to selecting yarn & accessories. Top ten problems and how to solve them. Starting your own knitting club. Creating a knitting scrapbook. Knitting for charity. A book every teen will love ! 128pp. SB.

The Shape of Knitting - $29.00
Lynne Barr. Here is a fascinating, in-depth master class on the techniques that can be used to shape flat and dimensional pieces of knitting?increases, decreases, short rows, dividing and combining stitches, and adding sections. The author both reviews tried-and-true methods, explaining their pros and cons, and showcases many new ones that she has masterminded herself. To illustrate the best uses of these innovations, she includes 24 fashion-fresh, easy-to-wear projects, focusing mainly on accessories that can be finished quickly, such as scarves, cowls, shawls, hats, and mittens. Fun, cool photos of the finished designs combined with clear, close-up, step-by-step photos make this groundbreaking book both beautiful and hardworking. 168pp. Hb.

Twas The Knits Before Christmas - $19.00
Fiona Goble. Knitting enthusiasts will get into the Christmas spirit right away when they open this evocatively illustrated book. It combines a charming selection of holiday-themed knitting projects with an illustrated presentation of Clement Clarke Moore's classic poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Beautiful full-page and full-color Christmas illustrations capture the holiday spirit, and many of the book's pictures feature knitted items based on characters and objects cited in the beloved Christmas poem. Among them are a knitted Saint Nicholas, his reindeer, a Christmas wreath, Christmas dolls, and a large Christmas stocking. Best yet, knitters can reproduce each one of these items for themselves. Author Fiona Goble presents detailed directions for knitting each Christmas item -- ten projects in total. Knitters who complete all of these projects will have a wonderful set of holiday decorations for their home or their Christmas tree. The book's opening chapter was prepared especially for inexperienced knitters. It reviews basic knitting techniques as an introduction to the book's projects. 64pp. Hb.

Twenty To Make: Eco-Friendly Knits - $13.00
Emily Blade. This innovative and fun book showcases what you can do with all those spare carrier bags you have! Simple instructions show you how to create 'plarn' (plastic yarn), and how to knit everything from funky liquorice allsort earrings to beautiful hangbags. 48pp. Pb.

Twenty To Make: Knitted Aliens - $13.00
Fiona McDonald. Close encounters of the knitted kind! These instructions make knitting twenty adorable aliens easy and fun, so blast off and have an adventure with these charming aliens. The patterns include only basic knit, purl and basic increasing and decreasing, so are a brilliant project for a new knitter. 48pp. Pb.

Twenty To Make: Knitted Baby Booties - $13.00
Val Pierce. No-one can resist knitting a pretty pair of baby bootees for a new baby — so here are twenty of them, all unique but all equally irresistible, in a range of colours and styles. Each pair of bootees requires relatively small quantities of yarn and can be knitted quickly and easily using the clear, step-by-step instructions provided. Each project is accompanied by lists of the materials and equipment required and a stunning full-colour photograph. Suitable for babies from newborn to 6 months. 48pp. Pb.

Twenty To Make: Knitted Boot Cuffs - $13.00
Monica Russel. Give your favourite boots a fresh twist with a great new fashion: boot toppers. The author presents an appealing range of boot toppers for you to choose from. Stylish and practical, this book contains patterns for twenty great pairs of cuffs, covers and hugs in a variety of styles for your boots. The book contains variations, and all the information you need on materials and terminology. It's a great way to make gifts for your friends, and they're so simple, even knitting newcomers can have a go! 48pp. Pb.

Twigg Stitch: A New Twist on Reversible Knitting - $43.00
Vicki Twigg. A brand-new technique for creating completely reversible knitting. Readers will discover a new type of color knitting that produces a fully reversible fabric with mirrored or completely different sides. Worked by knitting two yarns at the same time, Twigg stitch allows the knitter to create two completely different fabrics. Not only can the knitter create simple reversible colorwork, but also different cable patterns or even lace that is a different color on each side. Unique and fascinating as the technique is, it's not difficult to master. Anyone with basic knitting skills can quickly learn. The book teaches the basics of casting on, handling yarns, increasing and decreasing, changing colors, and knitting in the round. Vicki also provides a stitch dictionary of basic to more complex color patterns, textured patterns, and cables. Ten patterns round out the book, from simple hats and mitts, demonstrating the stitch in its most basic form, to a shaped lace shawl. 168pp. Pb.

Twinkle's Town and Country Knits - $29.00
Wenlan Chia. The author features sweaters and accessories that channel the sophistication of town and country life. This book whisks knitters to picturesque locations such as the California coast and the farms of New England — the influences for this set of Chia's signature garments — and offers 30 designs unified by their chic, classic silhouettes. From the Pacifica Cardigan (a sky-blue sweater with feather-edging openwork) to the Santa Lucia Skirt (a long, coral-and-pink skirt with wavy stripes) to the Bookbrowser’s Sweater (a bright-pink, long-sleeved sweater with a bobble front and split fold-over neck), the projects suggest a town and country lifestyle, with a charming, witty touch that one expects from Twinkle collections. The patterns feature the attention to shaping and the innovative approach to large-gauge knitting that Twinkle is famous for, along with easy-to-follow directions. Like the lifestyle that inspired this collection — in which the urban and the pastoral gracefully meet — the Twinkle aesthetic strikes an elegant balance. Here, Chia's runway-ready look gives the casual, town-and-country chic of years past a thoroughly modern makeover. 160pp. Hb.

Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook - $42.00
Lynne Vogel. This book on socks leads you through dying wool into your own artistic palette. The author explains choosing colour, mixing colour, dying procedures, and the possibilities of spinning the wool into yarn. 92pp, Pb.

The Urban Knitter - $13.00
Lily M Chin. This book revives knitting for the young urban professional. Profiling the most inventive, diverse and inspiring young knitters who are currently giving the craft a fresh new look, this fully illustrated guide offers exciting, fast and totally original, easy-to-master patterns for dresses, jackets, hats, handbags, pillow cases, underwear and even shoes. Including a complete list of suppliers and resources, this is the definitive guide for turning a centuries-old pastime into a hip, stress-relieving and high-fashion hobby. 176pp. Pb.

Vest Bets - $29.00
Does your outfit need a little extra pizzazz? Then try one of these beautiful, fashion-forward vests! Created by top indie designers — including Nicky Epstein, Deborah Newton, Cathy Carron, Yoko Hatta, Fiona Ellis, and John Brinegar — the accessible patterns feature a range of styles and techniques, from lace to entrelac. And they're all made from 220 Superwash® Aran, a lovely, affordable merino from Cascade Yarns that knitters love to work with and wear. 144pp. Pb.

Vintage Design Workshop - $28.00
Geraldine Warner. Vintage Design Workshop is the guide that retro-loving knitters have been waiting for-a welcome relief for those who have been frustrated by vintage patterns that come in one size only. Divided into two sections, this book first teaches you how to update any vintage pattern to accommodate modern sizes and gives advice on choosing substitutes for yarns that are out of production. The second section demonstrates how to adapt modern patterns to create a vintage silhouette, teaching how to mix and match sleeves, necklines, or collars to the pattern of your choice to achieve a vintage look. The author uses one vintage pattern throughout as the basis for separate tutorials on yarn substitution, sizing and gauge, deciding on alterations, adjusting shaping and length, and adding or altering details. 176pp. Pb.

Vintage Fashion: Knitwear - $33.00
Marnie Fogg. This stunning coffee-table book celebrates 100 years of couture knitwear, and the iconic designs that defined each decade. Sumptuous and fascinating, Vintage Knitwear encompasses everything from the introduction of fashion hand-knitting at the start of the 20th century to the most up-to-date technical innovations. For each era, there's an overview of the most noteworthy designers, and coverage of important themes such as knit structure, fiber, silhouette, garment construction, pattern, and color. Gorgeous photographs showcase rare pieces from museums and private collectors. And lovers of all things vintage will even find a shopping guide! 224pp. Hb.

Vogue Knitting: Mittens and Gloves - $22.00
From the most trusted name in knitting comes another sure-fire success! This book will have knitters' fingers warm, cozy, and super-busy with more than 40 of the best designs from the popular magazine. With everything from colorful mittens and funky fingerless mitts to gloves with elegant style-and matching accessories, too-crafters of all levels will find the perfect fit! 144pp. Hb.

Warm Knits Cool Gifts - $20.00
Sally Melville & Caddy Melville Ledbetter. Warm hearts this winter with handcrafted gifts designed by knitting’s favorite mother-daughter duo. With shawls to wrap up in, hats to pull over our ears, wool sweaters to keep us warm, and ornaments for the tree, autumn and winter lend themselves to knitting in a way like no other time of the year — and no one knows that better than knitting superstars Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter. In this book, Sally and Caddy share 30 of their most inspired patterns for the seasons that are perfect for gifting. Filled with patterns from modern designs to heirloom pieces, this offers gift inspiration for everyone on your list. The luminous photography and clear and thorough instructions make each project an irresistible must-knit, and the options for adding personal touches are endless. As you read delightful stories from Sally and Caddy’s own knitting experience and their expert gifting advice, you’ll feel as if they are knitting right beside you. Plus their signature tips and special Techniques callouts break down instructions step-by-step, making you a more informed, thoughtful, and intuitive knitter year-round. 176pp. Pb.

Wear @ Work: 13 Quick & Easy Knits For Busy Women - $20.00
Casual Fridays have never been more fun! For more relaxed work environments, we present a collection that will have your co-workers talking around the water cooler. Each sweater works well with pants or a skirt — just add a snappy belt and some fashionable accessories and you'll be ready for your next meeting! This booklet offers several different techniques: colorwork, eyelets, cables and more! Pb.

Wonderland: Modern Baby and Children's Knitting Patterns - $27.00
Millamia. Welcome to Wonderland. A fantasy filled collection of baby and children's knitting patterns inspired by children's sense of adventure and celebration. With a broad size range spanning from newborn all the way up to age eight, this book can be used again and again by knitters looking for new, stimulating projects. 116pp. Pb.

The Yarn Garden: 30 Knits Using Plant-Based Fibers - $29.00
J Marsha Michler. The Yarn Garden shows how plant-based fibers can be used to create variety of attractive knit and crochet projects. Thirty patterns for sweaters, tops and accessories are accompanied by fully illustrated instructions, ensuring successful knitting or crocheting. Beautiful photographs show off the virtues of the yarns that are used and all of the plant-based fibers are appropriate for all climates and wearable for every season. 144pp. Pb.